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Anti-Glare Screen Protectors VS. Anti-Glare Glasses

If you weren’t aware already, the glare on your screens is a problem. Whether a laptop, TV, or phone, glare makes your screen harder to see and harms your eyes. using digital screens in highly lit areas almost without exception causes an increase in glare. An unfortunate consequence of this, the glare harms your eyes, […]

5 Tips for Productive Study

Everyone approaches studying differently. Of course, everyone approaches things differently partly because everyone is different. The truth, however, is that certain general advice can help everyone improve their study habits. No matter how you study, implementing the study tips we outline here today will do nothing but improve your studies. For some, these tips might […]

What are Asian Fit Glasses (Low Nose Bridge)?

You’re probably reading this blog for one of two reasons. Either you’re trying to figure out if GUNNAR sells “Asian Fit” glasses, or you’ve seen the phrase Asian fit somewhere and are trying to learn more about it. Either way, we will answer your questions with this post. Below, we give you the rundown on […]

Negative and Positive Effects of Social Media

Social media frequently receives blame for many issues in our society. Often, such blame is justified. After all, the rise of social media correlates with the rise of a lot of pretty lousy things. [ss_click_to_tweet tweet=”Facebook fights and doxxing aside, social media is not all bad. #GUNNAR #SocialMedia” content=”Facebook fights and doxxing aside, social media […]

What You Need to Know About Depth Perception

Sometimes understanding your eye problems is as simple as knowing what’s behind your symptoms. A term you might have heard, but not fully understood, depth perception, offers knowledge of one such problem. Depth perception refers to the measure of your ability to see objects in three dimensions, and judge movement and distance. When you have […]

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