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What are Light Sensitivity Glasses?

They say that treating symptoms does not cure the disease. That is absolutely true. However, in some cases treating the symptoms offers welcome, necessary relief. Those with photophobia surely agree with this sentiment. Some symptoms, like light sensitivity, relate to underlying issues that can be difficult to diagnose, and when diagnosed difficult to treat. Sometimes […]

Best GUNNAR Blue Blocker Sunglasses

GUNNAR appeals most commonly to professionals and gamers who spend excessive time in front of screens. Those types of people typically experience the most blue light exposure indoors, often at night. What about people who gain their greatest amount of blue light exposure outdoors, during the day? Since we believe everyone needs protection we have […]

How to Buy Glasses Online: 5 Helpful Tips

If you’re like me, you probably don’t love going to the store anymore. Wandering around a department store or the mall looking for something specific, these days, is usually fated to fail. Nothing beats shopping online. Unfortunately, some drawbacks to online shopping exist as well. One of the biggest troubles relates to clothing and accessories. […]

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