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What You Need to Know About Depth Perception

Sometimes understanding your eye problems is as simple as knowing what’s behind your symptoms. A term you might have heard, but not fully understood, depth perception, offers knowledge of one such problem. Depth perception refers to the measure of your ability to see objects in three dimensions, and judge movement and distance. When you have […]

10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Techies

When your significant other is a techie, sometimes gift-giving can be a challenge. What do you give the person who likes something so advanced and ever-changing as technology? The answer to this question gets complicated by the fact that they certainly know more about technology than you. Even if that’s not the case, finding the […]

The Best Blue Light Glasses: Techlicious Review

Product comparison reviews rock. They’re so helpful. Someone goes out, does a lot of research for you to save you time. We try to offer such reviews frequently. For example, comparing our gamer glasses, comparing our lens types, comparing different brands of reading glasses, and so on. From our perspective, these types of comparative write-ups […]

How To Sleep Better? 5 Tips That Work

Sleep is a constant topic of discussion. Every day you hear talk about feeling tired, needing more sleep, sleeping in, waking up early, staying up late, why you didn’t sleep more, why you did, and the list goes on. Everyone reading this blog has almost certainly experienced sleep problems sometime very recently. This prevalence explains […]

10 Video Game Release Dates Coming in 2020

As the new year begins, everyone tends to take stock of their lives and make goals for the future. At GUNNAR, we’re no different. In addition to exercise and reading goals, however, we include our new game playlist for the coming year. Having goals and ambitions in life helps you move forward. Knowing what games […]

Watch: Optometrist Recommends GUNNAR to Her Patients

When it comes to your eyes, treat them with the importance they deserve. If you have a head problem you’ll go to a neurologist, foot problem a podiatrist, and tooth problem a dentist. Your eyes deserve the same expertise as any other important part of your body. So, when you have an eye problem, go […]

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