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Everything You Need to Know About Nearsighted vs. Farsighted Vision

Do you struggle to read the text in books or on your computer, or have to squint your eyes to read street signs? You could be dealing with myopia or hyperopia—fancy ways of saying “nearsightedness” and “farsightedness,” respectively. If you’re struggling with either of these conditions, you’re certainly not alone. Nearsightedness affects over 40 percent […]

Signs Your Child May Need Glasses

Did you know that many children become nearsighted or farsighted between the ages of 6 and 12? Young children are susceptible to vision problems, hurting their ability to see the world around them clearly while their minds are still developing. That’s why the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that parents have their children’s eyes checked early […]

Finding Glasses For Your Face Shape

Whether you’re picking out glasses for the first time, or simply updating your look, selecting the proper pair of frames to complement your face could seem foreign and overwhelming. The key to a speedy decision may lie in your own face, as its shape will determine what frames look best on you. Understanding your profile […]

Predictions for Gaming Events in 2021

With the numbers of coronavirus cases still rising daily and the uncertainty of vaccine distribution, it feels like this pandemic will never end and our lives will never get back to normal.  Only last October I was eagerly anticipating our first North America consumer show, PAX East in Boston, hoping that, against all odds, the […]

Esports Network Podcast

GUNNAR’s own Dr. Zilnicki and Georgina Petrie recently joined Mitch Reames on the Esports Network Podcast to discuss the importance of healthy eyes when it comes to gaming and the danger of prolonged exposure to blue light. Read the transcript below for the full discussion! Listen along on Soundcloud or click the links below to […]