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Blocking Blue Light May Help Treat Bipolar Disorder

According to a new article published by Newsweek, a recent small study of 23 bipolar disorder patients by Dr. Tone Henriksen from the University of Bergen and Valen Hospital in Norway yielded some major results. During a one-week period, 12 individuals were given eyewear designed to block blue light while the other 11 were not. No other changes were made to their lifestyles or medication. The Young Mania Rating Scale, which is designed to measure manic behavior, was then applied to the patients and those who wore the amber-tinted eyewear scored an average of 14 points lower than the others.

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To better explain the significance of this study, those 14 points were more than double what doctors consider to be a “clinically significant difference”. As one researcher and psychiatrist put it, these were “knock-your-socks off results!” The important thing to point out is research into the effects of light—specifically blue light—has increased and continues to show how important it is to protect yourself. We take great strides to help protect you from the effects of digital eye strain, and we’re extremely honored by the thought that our eyewear could potentially benefit people who suffer from bipolar disorder. To learn more about what we do, click here.