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4 Ways to Improve Work Efficiency

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Work efficiency not only helps you perform your job well but helps you get ahead. When choosing who gets a promotion, bosses will certainly take your productivity into account. Knowing how to focus at work can be hard, though. At the end of the day, whatever it takes to become productive at work will be worth the effort. Today we have four proven ways to increase your work efficiency.

getting enough sleep affects work efficiency

1. Get Enough Sleep

Nothing wrecks efficiency like exhaustion. Believe me, I know that getting enough sleep can be hard. When you get home from work you want to unwind and relax. Sometimes, however, unwinding takes more time than we plan for. Streaming your favorite show, playing games, whatever it is, often you’ll sit down to relax, and before you know it it’s the middle of the night. Hard as getting to sleep can be, taking steps to correct a poor sleep schedule will undoubtedly improve your efficiency. Not doing so leads to sluggishness, difficulty focusing, and other efficiency-killing issues.

Try the following to improve your sleep schedule.

  • Choose a Bedtime: Picking a time to go to bed and sticking with it (at least most of the time) creates a habit that will improve your sleep.
  • No Devices 1-2 Hours Before Bed: To accomplish this goal, setting the first goal might be necessary. Using devices before bed messes with your sleep cycle. The blue light emitted from the screen can slow melatonin production. Without melatonin your body has a much harder time feeling sleepy.
  • Try a Sleep App: Apps exist that assist and track your sleep. They will inform you of what you can do to improve your sleeping. Furthermore, some of them include white noise or other soothing sounds to help ease you to sleep.

regular exercise helps focus at work

2. Exercise Daily

Efficiency feeds on energy. Almost nothing improves energy more than regular cardio exercise. Working out simply improves your work efficiency. In addition to building energy, working out also improves concentration, sharpens memory, speeds learning, prolongs mental stamina, enhances creativity, and lowers stress. Obviously all of these benefits lead to more efficient work life. Indeed, those same upsides, not to mention the improved fitness, will improve every aspect of your life.

how to be productive at work

3. Maintain Balance

Maintaining work-life balance is key, but even more than that maintaining that broader balance, you should maintain balance in your workday. Taking regular breaks, socializing with coworkers, letting your mind relax, these measures correlate with work efficiency and employee engagement. Whether you tend to work so hard that you forget to take breaks, or you’re an employer who drives their employees hard, taking regular breaks is good for both. For the employee, you’ll be happier. For the employer, you’ll get better work from your employees.

work efficiency tips include blue light protection

4. Protect Your Eyes

Digital eye strain (DES), aka computer vision syndrome (CVS), causes inefficiency. The symptoms include dry, pained, and/or fatigued eyes, headache, neck ache, and other related troubles. Such distracting feelings will always decrease efficiency. The cause of DES is, as you might have guessed, digital screens. The imperceptible flicker and excessive output of blue light harms your eyes. Unfortunately, a feedback loop occurs because you tend to blink less when you look at screens.

Take the following steps to protect your eyes and improve your efficiency!

  • 20-20-20 Rule: When using a screen for an extended period, every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This lets your eyes refocus and take a brief break.
  • Take Regular Breaks: Above we recommended taking breaks from work regularly. Getting away from the screens altogether during those breaks will help your eyes as well.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Blue light blocking glasses filter the blue light emitted by digital screens, and eliminate glare to take the edge off the flicker. Studies show they work, and they work better than other blue light solutions. This solution has the benefit of improving sleep as well. If you wear your blue light blocking glasses when using devices after dark, your sleep cycle will be less disrupted.

Take the Next Step

Whatever you do for a living, increases efficiency will benefit you. Think about what in this list you could improve on, and go for it! We invite you to learn more today about blue light blocking glasses, and how they really work.


4 tips to improve work efficiency
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