Ambassador Spotlight: Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone - GUNNAR

Ambassador Spotlight: Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone

GUNNAR has partnered with a lot of ambassadors and each of them is unique in their own way. We want to give you the inside look at some of our most iconic ambassadors and how GUNNAR glasses have changed their lives!

This round we are featuring Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone! They are one of our newest sponsored Ambassadors and they are cultural giants in the Dungeons and Dragons realm.

Tell us about yourselves.

Satine Phoenix: I’m a Professional Dungeon Master, Storytelling Coach, Founder, and Event Creator of “Satine’s Quest” all-inclusive luxury travel gaming adventures, Co-Creative Director of Sirens: Battle of the Bards DnD 5e Campaign & Setting, and Game Developer.

Jamison Stone: I lead from the front as Founder, CEO, Creative Director, and Lead Writer of as it charges into Game Development and creative multimedia frontiers unknown! Projects include Rune of the Apprentice, The Last Amazon, The Red Opera: Last Days of the Warlock, Sirens: Battle of the Bards, and The Rune Chronicles: Oath of the Paladin.

SatineJamison Apex 280x300 - Ambassador Spotlight: Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone

What was your first impression when you wore GUNNAR glasses?

Satine Phoenix: The first time we wore GUNNAR glasses, we instantly felt cooler. That might sound trite, but it’s hard to not enjoy the stylish design of GUNNAR and clearly see it enhance one’s image when looking in the mirror. And now there are sunglasses, too, we are doubly stoked on GUNNAR.

How have GUNNAR glasses changed the way you use digital devices?

Jamison Stone: We both do a LOT of computer work and had been using blue light filter apps on our computers which were not only distracting but also not very helpful. We have also tried cheap blue-blocking glasses too, but did not enjoy them. Once we got GUNNAR glasses, we wear them every day while working on our computers so as to not strain our eyes and prevent us from getting rest at night from the blue light of our screens.

What part of GUNNAR Glasses do you like the most?

Satine Phoenix: I love taking care of my eyes while also looking great in the process. I know I am helping my body and look great in the process. What is not to love about that?! I also own multiple pairs of GUNNAR glasses and will match my current mood with the pair I wear, which is a lot of fun!

Satine in Torpedo-X

When do you find yourself using your GUNNAR glasses the most?

Jamison Stone: Whenever the sun sets, and I am working on my computers. I have multiscreen setups, and it’s a LOT of light, especially with all of these Zoom calls nowadays. I used to suffer at my screens and strain my eyes, but now I can sit at my computers late into the night and early morning without eye strain and get to sleep quickly when we are done.

Which GUNNAR styles are your favorites?

Satine Phoenix: There are so many to choose from, but nearly all of the Razer styles are our favorites. I love Razer products, so they match my other gaming gear and look super stylish, too! It’s nice to have so many options, too, so I can swap them out for whatever I am in the mood for!

GUNNAR Razer Edition Performance Gaming Glasses

What’s currently happening in the world of Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone?

Jamison Stone: Currently, we plan our next epic Luxury Gaming Adventure, Satine’s Quest! We love playing games, analog and digital, with fellow gamers in wonderfully exciting locations all around the world!

Satine Phoenix: We also currently are finishing up our epic tabletop roleplaying campaign and setting, Sirens: Battle of the Bards, and prepping for all of our video game (Virtual Table Top) versions, including our The Last Gameboard digital version, which we are SUPER excited about! We also have a top-secret show set in the same world, which we wish we could talk more about! So exciting! Stay tuned via our social media for news and updates!

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