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The Best Blue Light Glasses: Techlicious Review

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Product comparison reviews rock. They’re so helpful. Someone goes out, does a lot of research for you to save you time. We try to offer such reviews frequently. For example, comparing our gamer glasses, comparing our lens types, comparing different brands of reading glasses, and so on. From our perspective, these types of comparative write-ups really put a products relative strengths and weaknesses in perspective. Techlicious recently wrote a comparative piece looking at various different blue light glasses types. They weighed the relative merits and demerits of each product. They cover a number of our competitors as well as GUNNAR. GUNNAR, naturally, came out on top of the deliberations, called “The Best Blue Light Glasses.” Below we outline some of the highlights from the piece and explain why Techlicious thinks GUNNAR has the best computer glasses.

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The Competition

Andrea Smith, the author of the piece, awarded each brand a title to highlight its best features.

Felix Gray: Stylish

A flattering assessment, Felix Gray got the title most stylish. Of course, such a title catches the eye of the fashion savvy. By and large, style should, at best, be the second consideration for blue light glasses, however.

Blokz by Zenni: Inexpensive

For the bargain hunter out there, there’s Blokz. These frames can go for about $16 at the low end! The question of durability, in the case of less expensive products, of course, factors in.

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Real Shades Screen Shades: For Kids

Looking for protection for your kids? Real Shades Screen Shades cornered that market, by Techlicious’ assessment. Taking a niche like that sets you apart, and allows you to occupy your spot in the market almost uncontested.

ThinOptics: Reading on the Go

Light and portable defines ThinOptics. Their product is a great portable blue light reader. Their brand only produces readers. If portable, blue light, reading all appear on your checklist, they might just fulfill your needs.

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As you noticed, GUNNAR did not appear in this general list. That’s because Techlicious awarded GUNNAR the most flattering title of all: The Best Blue Light Glasses. Take all of the different consolation titles awarded to the competition in combination, and you’ve got GUNNAR. Here’s what Techlicious had to say:

“For the record, I typed this while wearing Gunnar’s amber-tinted Havoc computer glasses. The first time I saw them, I was worried the amber tint would be distracting both to me and others talking to me. However, after a few hours of wearing them and working on my computer, they seemed very natural. In fact, when I took them off the white/blue light from the computer screen was a slight shock to my eyes. It felt like I had been sitting in a quiet, calm room, and suddenly, someone came in and turned on the lights.”

Andrea sang the praises of GUNNAR’s BLPF classification of lenses. She applauded our online try-on feature. And of course, as noted in the quote above, she was particularly impressed with how well GUNNAR worked protecting her eyes from blue light.

You probably found this blog because you wanted to find out which blue light glasses were best. On the word of Techlicious (and our many satisfied customers) go with GUNNAR! Browse our computer glasses today and get protected with the best.


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