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Blue Light Harms Mental Health, New Study Shows

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Debates rage in science across various subjects and disciplines. One area in which a general consensus exists, however, is the question of the negative effects of artificial blue light. The extent of the effects, the long term implications, and so on produces some disagreement. That being said, scientists tend to agree that blue light causes harm.

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Blue Light and the Brain

As new studies constantly appear on the subject of blue light, new insights begin to unfold. For example, we generally think that people isolate themselves, and overuse technology because of mental illness. A new study suggests, however, that this conventional idea might not tell the whole story. A new article in Newsweek summarizes the results of a recent small study  by Dr. Tone Henriksen from the University of Bergen. Dr. Henriksen observed 23 patients with Bipolar disorder. He gave 12 of the subjects blue light blocking eyewear, and changed nothing else about their lives.

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As the idea above states, those who feel mentally unwell often seek refuge in technology. These subjects, both with and without the glasses, were no different. The 12 subjects who wore the amber-tinted glasses showed significant improvement after only one week. The scale on which such patients are measure is called the “Young Mania Rating Scale.” The scale measures manic behavior at a range of 0-60. Those who wore the glasses rated, on average, 14 points lower on the scale than those without after only one week of wearing the glasses.

What Does it Mean?

From this study we can see a few things.

  1. While It’s true that mental illness causes an uptick in technology use, technology uses also causes an uptick in mental illness.

No definitive statements of this kind are made in the study, but it follows from the result. Those who used technology without any protection from blue light, on average, felt less mentally well than those who wore protection.

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  1. Blue light effects more than we previously thought.

Not only does blue light disrupt sleep cycle, but it appears to harm the mind directly. Whatever the reason for the result of this study, avoiding blue light can only redound to your benefit.

  1. Blue light blocking eyewear works.

This result of the study surprised no one over here at GUNNAR. We’ve known for years the power of blue light blocking technology. Our BLPF in our patented lens technology is the best out there.

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Moving Forward

The 14 point difference more than doubles what doctors consider to be a “clinically significant difference.” As one researcher and psychiatrist put it, these were “knock-your-socks off results!” The research shows the negative effects of light—specifically blue light—have increased. Furthermore, the research shows how important it is to protect yourself.

Our goal is to protect you from the effects of digital eye strain. After reading this study, we’re honored by the thought that our eyewear could potentially benefit people who suffer from bipolar and other disorders. Whether you suffer from these disorders or not, our products will help you. Everyone deserves protection from the negative effects of blue light.  Learn more today about what exactly we do.


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