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Can Blue Light Alter Your Metabolism and Affect Your Weight?

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The Study

According to a recent Northwestern University study, blue light exposure evidently connects to metabolism and weight. During their research into the effects of artificial blue light on humans, effects on metabolism, insulin levels, and glucose levels were shown. Needless to say, artificial blue light tended to affect each of the relevant areas negatively.

Their study, published last week, showed that blue light manipulates metabolic regulation, and can lead to weight gain and potentially increase risk of diabetes. These outcomes do not bode well. The study, led by graduate student Ivy Cheung, included 19 adults of “normal weight.” The participants were subjected to varying levels of artificial light during the morning and evening. Throughout, blood levels were measured at regular intervals.

In the end, researchers showed that natural blue light in the morning can have a positive effect on metabolic regulation. In the evening, however, natural and especially artificial blue light, can negativly effect metabolism, insulin resistance, and glucose levels. The study has since been featured on various websites such as Science World Report and Tech Times.


The Interpretation

Science World’s write up of the study in particular offers some interesting perspective. They assert that the study offers a way to improve weight loss. The idea here being, simply cut out the excess blue light, and immediately improve your metabolism. Whether this interpretation holds water is not for us to say. The idea, however, certainly sparks an interesting conversation.

The unsurprising connection between increase in the use of technology and weight gain goes all the way back to the time when activities which require no physical exercise came into being. Sitting around, conventional wisdom states, causes weight gain, sluggishness, and other issues. Until now, however, the direct connection between blue light exposure and these other factors remained hidden. Confounding the two, a sedentary lifestyle and blue light exposure, can only cause more of the same problems.

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Moving Forward

You should expect more studies on this subject in the future. For now, however, with the knowledge we have, what should we do? The answer is clear: limit blue light exposure for a healthier life. Much has been said on the connection between blue light and sleep. Now that we know it affects this other central area of life and health, we have all the more reason to step up and do something about it.

As more and more information comes out through scientific research, increasing clarity on the subject of protecting your eyes comes with it. Such protection has never been more important. Many of us find ourselves anchored to a digital device throughout the day and on into the evening. Protection, for such people, only becomes more important. Take action today and improve your health. Having a pair of GUNNARS to help shield you from harmful blue light is a must. In fact, with our two new styles, Cypher and Trooper, now on, the choices available are even better. Now’s the time to end the pain of eyestrain, and apparently, weight gain.

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