Digital Eye Strain and Blue Light Effects On Health - GUNNAR

Tired Eyes From E-Reading

In the past, reading was hampered by insufficient or inconsistent light. Historically, you were able to read until the sun went down, then had to stop or start reading by a flickering candle. Electric light improved our ability to read anytime, but even this can offer uneven lighting, and cause similar difficulties. Enter the e-reader. […]

3 Ways to Improve Focus and Concentration

I have a confession to make. My attention span is not what it used to be and I know I’m not the only one suffering from lack of focus. In fact, it’s been proven that our individual and collective attention spans decrease each year. The problem, of course, relates to technology, and particularly social media. […]

Tips For Summer At Home

The summer is here, kids are out of school, and routines often fall to the wayside as parents are challenged to constantly keep their children engaged, entertained and happy with all of these endless days off. Ideally these days will be spent with children playing outside, moving their bodies or doing something educational, but now […]

How to Exercise Your Eye Muscles

Between social distancing and working remotely, it’s becoming necessary to exercise at home. If you’ve been meaning to start working out, there’s no time like the present! Most people think about the core, arms, legs, and chest, but what about the eyes? Not only has working from home and other recent changes to social and […]

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