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Negative and Positive Effects of Social Media

Social media frequently receives blame for many issues in our society. Often, such blame is justified. After all, the rise of social media correlates with the rise of a lot of pretty lousy things. If it were a larger outcry and movement against it would likely have already arisen. Furthermore, when you read tirades against […]

What You Need to Know About Depth Perception

Sometimes understanding your eye problems is as simple as knowing what’s behind your symptoms. A term you might have heard, but not fully understood, depth perception, offers knowledge of one such problem. Depth perception refers to the measure of your ability to see objects in three dimensions, and judge movement and distance. When you have […]

How To Sleep Better? 5 Tips That Work

Sleep is a constant topic of discussion. Every day you hear talk about feeling tired, needing more sleep, sleeping in, waking up early, staying up late, why you didn’t sleep more, why you did, and the list goes on. Everyone reading this blog has almost certainly experienced sleep problems sometime very recently. This prevalence explains […]

Nearsighted Vs Farsighted Vision

Do you know the difference between nearsighted and farsighted vision? Honestly, I haven’t always known the difference. Which one means when you can see things from afar? What about when you can see them up close? The names help somewhat, once you know the definitions at least. When first read, however, those names need explanation. […]

What Causes Blurred Vision and How To Deal With It

One day after class, I was walking to my car when I realized I could not see clearly. It was surreal, honestly, because nothing else seemed wrong, just all of a sudden my vision blurred. I tried to refocus my eyes by rubbing them, blinking repeatedly, looking slowly at different objects, but nothing worked. I […]

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