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Must Haves for PC Gaming

Gaming, as great as it is, can be difficult if you feel limited by your equipment. When you sit down at your PC to game, are you satisfied with your setup? For the sake of discussion, let’s assume you have a great gaming PC already. Do you have everything else you could want to enhance […]

Doom Eternal Tips for Survival

Doom Eternal is a fast-paced thrill ride of bullet spray and nonstop action, and at times frustration. As you encounter enemies around every turn in some of the largest maps the franchise has ever offered, you may find yourself looking for an advantage. Tweaking your settings as well as a little help from KontrolFreek will […]

What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

Blue light blocking glasses all serve a similar purpose. They have special lenses that diminish the amount of blue light to which you expose your eyes. Sometimes they include glare protection as well. But, there are different varieties of blue light glasses. For example, there are computer glasses and gaming glasses. As the names imply, […]

best gunnar glasses for gaming

The Best Gaming Events of 2020

As a video game lover, you want to stay in the know. Keeping up to date on all of the best gaming events, however, doesn’t always come easy. You have to keep a sharp eye, scour the internet, follow many pages, and even then you might miss one. Never fear! As always, GUNNAR’s got your […]

a man at the big esports gaming event

How to Become a Professional Gamer

If you love video games and want to make it your full-time job…well, you’re probably not alone. The big question is where to begin. For most people, the idea of gaming for money never makes it beyond entering some tournaments with friends. No shame in such tournaments, of course, but they might not lead to […]

how to become a professional gamer

10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Techies

When your significant other is a techie, sometimes gift-giving can be a challenge. What do you give the person who likes something so advanced and ever-changing as technology? The answer to this question gets complicated by the fact that they certainly know more about technology than you. Even if that’s not the case, finding the […]

gunnar emery glasses in Valentines day gift red case

Are Video Games Good For You?

From the most avid gamer to the most careful parent, everyone worries about the possible negative effects of video games. Of course, such concerns are not unfounded. Research shows that gaming in excess, or when done carelessly, might prove harmful. However, benefits come with the potential risks involved in gaming. The Benefits of Gaming Given […]

are video games good or bad for you

GUNNAR Partners with eSports and Crypto Giant Unikrn

Once again, we lead the charge in advancing esports and gaming performance with a revolutionary new partnership with Unikrn, a leading esports brand in the rapidly growing esports community. From our inception 10 years ago, we were the first and original non-peripheral-based company to support and promote esports, and here we are today moving this same […]

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