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The Best Sunglasses for Small Faces

For those with small faces, finding a pair of sunglasses that fit well and look good can be a real challenge. Those trendy, oversized sunglasses that look great on your friend completely overpower your face. Finding the perfect sunglasses starts with understanding which style of sunglasses are best suited to small facial features. If you […]

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Last summer, amidst the pandemic, GUNNAR launched their first pair of blue light glasses for kids and teens.  We had the expertise in developing blue light blocking glasses for adults and now the responsibility to protect young eyes, as research started coming out about how kids’ vision is most at risk from myopia and digital […]

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Finding Glasses For Your Face Shape

Whether you’re picking out glasses for the first time, or simply updating your look, selecting the proper pair of frames to complement your face could seem foreign and overwhelming. The key to a speedy decision may lie in your own face, as its shape will determine what frames look best on you. Understanding your profile […]

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What are the Best GUNNAR Glasses for Gaming? [2020]

Updated September 2020 If you’re a gamer, this article is for you! No one can compete with GUNNAR’s patented lens technology which provides unparalleled protection against UV light and blue light. With migraines, dizziness, dry eye, eye strain and fatigue plaguing those who play games unprotected, GUNNAR’s state of the art lenses keep you gaming […]

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Comfortable Glasses For Serious Gamers

If you consider yourself a gamer, then you know the importance using every fair advantage available to you. Given this universal feeling in the gaming community, gaming glasses have taken on great importance. Any serious gamer knows about the eye strain that comes from long hours of gaming. Gaming glasses help decrease the discomfort, and […]

a gamer wearing gunnar valve glasses