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GUNNAR Glasses Review By The YouTube Tech Guy

GUNNAR’s close connection with the tech world is a clear expression of our goal. We aim to protect anyone who uses technology from the health risks associated with digital screens. If you consider yourself a techie, or even if you just keep up with tech news, you’ve probably heard of Rock, The YouTube Tech Guy. […]

Anti-Glare Screen Protectors VS. Anti-Glare Glasses

If you weren’t aware already, the glare on your screens is a problem. Whether a laptop, TV, or phone, glare makes your screen harder to see and harms your eyes. using digital screens in highly lit areas almost without exception causes an increase in glare. An unfortunate consequence of this, the glare harms your eyes, […]

What are Asian Fit Glasses (Low Nose Bridge)?

You’re probably reading this blog for one of two reasons. Either you’re trying to figure out if GUNNAR sells “Asian Fit” glasses, or you’ve seen the phrase Asian fit somewhere and are trying to learn more about it. Either way, we will answer your questions with this post. Below, we give you the rundown on […]

10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Techies

When your significant other is a techie, sometimes gift-giving can be a challenge. What do you give the person who likes something so advanced and ever-changing as technology? The answer to this question gets complicated by the fact that they certainly know more about technology than you. Even if that’s not the case, finding the […]

The Best Blue Light Glasses: Techlicious Review

Product comparison reviews rock. They’re so helpful. Someone goes out, does a lot of research for you to save you time. We try to offer such reviews frequently. For example, comparing our gamer glasses, comparing our lens types, comparing different brands of reading glasses, and so on. From our perspective, these types of comparative write-ups […]

Watch: Optometrist Recommends GUNNAR to Her Patients

When it comes to your eyes, treat them with the importance they deserve. If you have a head problem you’ll go to a neurologist, foot problem a podiatrist, and tooth problem a dentist. Your eyes deserve the same expertise as any other important part of your body. So, when you have an eye problem, go […]

How To Clean GUNNAR Glasses

Any glasses-wearers will tell you the importance of keeping your lenses clean. Without clean lenses, you’re looking at dirt and smudges all day; with clean lenses, you might forget you’re even wearing glasses. Computer and gaming glasses put some users into an interesting situation. While many who buy GUNNARs already wear prescription or reading glasses, […]

The Best Solution for Protecting Your Eyes from Blue Light

Every day the negative effect of blue light’s on your eyes gains additional scientific confirmation. Given the various credible, peer-reviewed studies on the subject, the scientific community has essentially reached a consensus. For practical reasons, let’s accept the scientific conclusions thus far reached. Now what? Business has, fortunately, kept up with the science in this […]

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