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Finding Glasses For Your Face Shape

Whether you’re picking out glasses for the first time, or simply updating your look, selecting the proper pair of frames to complement your face could seem foreign and overwhelming. The key to a speedy decision may lie in your own face, as its shape will determine what frames look best on you. Understanding your profile […]

Comfortable Glasses For Serious Gamers

If you consider yourself a gamer, then you know the importance using every fair advantage available to you. Given this universal feeling in the gaming community, gaming glasses have taken on great importance. Any serious gamer knows about the eye strain that comes from long hours of gaming. Gaming glasses help decrease the discomfort, and […]

Help Us Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month

The members of our military deserve our appreciation every day. However, May is National Military Appreciation Month, so this month especially they merit praise. All of us likely feel the desire to show our appreciation for the members of our armed services; take advantage of this important month, by showing renewed appreciation for those who […]

Best GUNNAR Prescription Blue Light Glasses

GUNNAR products, first and foremost, protect your eyes from blue light. However, some people have multiple eye health concerns. For some, it might be the need for reading glasses with blue light protection, for others sunglasses that block the blue, and of course, there are those who need prescription glasses that shield eyes from blue […]

prescription blue light glasses by gunnar

Best GUNNAR Blue Blocker Sunglasses

GUNNAR appeals most commonly to professionals and gamers who spend excessive time in front of screens. Those types of people typically experience the most blue light exposure indoors, often at night. What about people who gain their greatest amount of blue light exposure outdoors, during the day? Since we believe everyone needs protection we have […]

woman wearing gunnar blue blocker sunglasses

Style Snapshot: Aviator Glasses

Glasses have never just been about practicality. At GUNNAR, of course, we focus a lot on the functional use of our products. The fact remains, no one buys glasses without giving at least some thought to how they will look wearing them on a daily basis. Looking good matters, and we get that. That’s why […]

aviator sunglasses in black

How To Tighten Your Glasses

It doesn’t matter how much you spent on them, at some point your glasses will probably get wobbly or loose. Most of us just live with it when this happens. It doesn’t affect our lives that much, the lenses still work, why bother going to the trouble? Well, the fact is, loose glasses can be […]

how to tighten your glasses