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5 Tips for Productive Study

Everyone approaches studying differently. Of course, everyone approaches things differently partly because everyone is different. The truth, however, is that certain general advice can help everyone improve their study habits. No matter how you study, implementing the study tips we outline here today will do nothing but improve your studies. For some, these tips might […]

Train Like an Athlete, Protect Your Eyes

You have probably noticed that we put a lot of effort into explaining the damaging effects of artificial blue light. You probably don’t know, however, that blue light affects your performance in athletics and other physical activity. Over the years, we have spoken to many trainers, and the athletes they work with. One of the […]

Exhaustion: A Modern Problem?

An article published by The Week asserts that “modern burnout,” does not exist. Their method for supporting this idea is a review of historical diagnoses and approaches to exhaustion. If exhaustion has always existed, then surely our modern exhaustion simply stands as one among many. Historical Theories of Health and Exhaustion The Greeks focused on […]

How To Reduce Headaches During Extended Gameplay Sessions

by John Carle, Mar 3 2014 It may sound gimmicky on the surface. If you tell someone there’s a special pair of glasses they can wear while gaming that will reduce eye strain, it sounds like hype to sell overpriced goods that don’t actually work. And at first, I would have agreed with that assumption. […]

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