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Computer vision syndrome (CVS) has recently gained a lot of attention in the media. The past year alone saw the release of dozens of new studies on blue light. These studies include statistics on individuals seeking medical attention after prolonged exposure to artificial blue light from screens. Surprisingly, these results prove universal. Regardless of age or occupation, no one’s immune. This wired generation spends more time staring at screens than any other. Our universal susceptibility to CVS demonstrates the troubles of this digital age.

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New York Times

Even the New York Times started addressing CVS. Citing recent studies done in both Africa and Iran, the NYT shared some pretty startling figures. First, upwards of 70 million workers around the world are at risk for CVS. Second, most of us, it seems, do not have an ergonomically correct set up for using a computer. (Even as I write this, I’m slumped over on a couch).

Modern technology’s many advantages come with natural and understandable disadvantages. On the one hand, the ability to access information and entertainment anywhere, anytime. CVS represents only one of the disadvantages that comes with this ubiquitous digital presence. Such a problem calls for a simple solution: turn it off. Get away from the computer, turn off the TV, put away the phone. When doing so is viable, we simply recommend, with expert support, do so. Blue light is the problem, so get rid of the source of blue light, get rid of your problem.

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Some Need a Different Solution

For some, setting down devices simply can’t happen so easily. The Times outlines Joanne Reitano’s experience with CVS. As a professor who frequently publishes books, she spends hours in front of her computer screen every day. She had begun to experience severe symptoms of fatigue and strain in her eyes. The difficulty for someone like Dr. Reitano comes obviously presents a dilemma. As she put it, “If I was playing computer games, I’d turn off the computer, but I need it to work.”

Along with people like Professor Reitano, coders, bloggers, E-athletes, and others face similar difficulties putting away devices. In today’s digital world, many people do all of their work on their devices. Some don’t even leave their house, and must rely entirely on their ability to communicate and work digitally. When you feel you must choose between your health and livelihood, you need to find a new solution.

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Protect Yourself

It all starts with your eyes. You can’t be on a digital device for hours on end without them. If you need your devices, and you want to comfortably use them, you must protect your eyes. Putting pair of GUNNARS between you and the various sources of artificial blue light bombarding your retinas offers a simple answer. GUNNAR acts like armor for your eyes, protecting you against the onslaught of brutal blue light. Doing so means taking the best, doctor-recommended first step towards relief from CVS. Protect your eyes! End the pain of eyestrain by grabbing a pair of GUNNARS today.

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