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Digital Device Use on the Rise, What to Watch Out For

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The Vision Council recently found that digital device user numbers increased from 45% in 2012, to nearly 70% in 2015. Nearly everything at your fingertips, unlimited access! The obvious appeal of such possibilities launched this massive growth. These numbers, at first thought, seem shocking. 70% of adults using digital devices?! Unbelievable! On second thought, you come to realize that a large percentage of those use their devices for work or education. Others use them to stay in touch with family. Still others use them for moderate entertainment. Nevertheless, excessive use definitely makes up some of those numbers. The one thing all those have in common, of course, is consistent use of devices. Let’s break that down.

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Woes of Digital Devices

When you use a digital device, you accept trade-offs. The trade-offs you accept include interpersonal connectedness, possible mental health issues, and, of course, blue light exposure.

  1. Interpersonal Connectedness: When constantly using technological communication methods, your human connection goes down. All of us know someone who constantly stares at their phones. They walk around with their head hanging, eyes glued to their smart phone. Constantly checking social media, always focusing on people not in the room. Constant access to technology can have this effect.
  2. Mental Health Issues: Social media, studies show, often negatively impacts mental health. Constant comparisons, the endless nature of the programs, falsified narratives of your life. No one is immune to the negative impact this can have. Some feel the effects more than others, certainly. Nevertheless, the threat exists.
  3. Blue Light Exposure: Blue light exposure leads to digital eye strain (DES). Symptoms include eye fatigue, blurriness, red or irritated eyes, dry eye, and even neck pain as well as headaches. Furthermore, such exposure leads to a disrupted sleep cycle. The sun’s blue light controls your body’s cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Introducing excessive increases of blue light, particularly at bed time, can cause confusion in the cycle. Poor sleep predictably results.

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Many very smart people work hard every day to solve the first two problems. These problems are complicated, and the solutions will be just as complicated. When dealing with the mind, best to leave the solutions to the experts. One recommendation: step away from your devices as frequently as possible. We can’t diagnose or prescribe anything else, but this one behavior is sure to help.

One Promising Solution

Not all of these issues have simple solutions outside of stepping away from digital devices. You should choose to do so regularly, as often as possible, certainly. Sometimes stepping away doesn’t work. This is where GUNNAR Optiks can truly help, at least with blue light exposure. With our patented lens technology, we’re able to help relieve you of DES symptoms. With GUNNAR, you will perform longer and better no matter what you do on your device. Reading, preparing a presentation, doing homework, or just kicking back and playing game, GUNNAR is the only brand on the market that’s doctor recommended. We stand behind the quality of our products. Learn more today about all the details of what our eyewear can do for you.


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