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A growing number of optometrists and other medical experts have begun to get very serious about digital eyestrain. Helping give the subject recent headway in the eye care spectrum was a new study released by Vision Service Plan (VSP being the moniker most are familiar with). In it, research shows that by the time an average American teenager hits 17 years of age, he or she has spent 1/3 of his or her life staring at a digital device. That’s almost 6 years, according to VSP, or more dramatically put, 50,000 hours. And because of this amount, eye care specialists are witnessing a growing number of patients suffering from digital eyestrain.

This same study also shows that parents of teenagers are still mostly unaware of the adverse effects of artificial blue light—the biggest reason symptoms of digital eyestrain are on the rise. All of these startling figures lead to a 50% increase in exposure for Americans in general, and a 38% increase in the negative effects of blue light in kids.

Click the image above to see the full infographic from VSP.

Though public awareness is slowly on the rise, there are still issues that need to be addressed. Namely, most folks are confused or completely in the dark (pun mostly unintended) about how bad artificial blue light is for their eyes. Simply put: it’s the only wavelength of the color spectrum that penetrates directly through the eye onto the retina and can lead to a myriad of medical ailments. The other issue is the large number of individuals who suffer from digital eyestrain and don’t even know it. They rub their eyes and feel tired staring at their screens, but they just attribute it to general fatigue or a bad night’s sleep. We see a remarkable number of people who eventually find themselves in a pair of GUNNARS and realize just how bad it’s been for so long.

The bottom line? There needs to be a greater effort made in spreading the news. This goes for GUNNAR Optiks as well, hence this and previously posted blogs. The more people understand artificial blue light and digital eyestrain, the greater the chances these rising figures VSP has shared will begin to decline. Don’t forget, GUNNAR Optiks was founded nearly 10 years ago with eye protection as our main goal for existence. Even well before the medical establishment started recognizing the issues, we were right there knowing something was wrong, and that we wanted to help. Learn more about our technology and how we’re in this fight against digital eyestrain by clicking here.

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