This Prominent Optometrist Uses GUNNAR, Find Out Why

This Prominent Optometrist Uses GUNNAR, Find out Why

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The Digital Age is very much upon us, and the number of people exposed to digital devices for much of the day is increasing at an extremely high rate. Given this fact, it’s a little shocking that many people who know nothing about digital eye strain. In a study done earlier this year by Novartis and Johns Hopkins University, 64% of the 6,000 surveyed weren’t aware of the medical condition. This same study also revealed a very interesting fact: 81% of surveyed university students had clinical signs of dry eye (one of the symptoms of digital eye strain) but only 41% reported the condition. Most probably think the effects of digital eye strain relate to something other than repeated exposure to artificial blue light.

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Protecting your eyes never mattered more, especially now that a growing number of studies showing what optometrists have long known and feared: digital eye strain is a very real and very serious condition that needs to be addressed. From losing quality sleep to the early onset of macular degeneration and on to many other long-term conditions and eye damage. Leaving your eyes to fend for themselves when bathed in artificial light will only yield greater medical issues, pain, and loss of cognitive function.

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Do GUNNAR Glasses Actually Help?

GUNNAR glasses have long been doctor-recommended to combat these issues for one important reason: they protect your eyes. So, it’s no surprise to us when well-respected medical professionals like Dr. Ryan Corte, O.D. agree. In his recent article, Dr. Corte  explained our technology in great detail from his perspective as an optometrist. He’s not just someone who bases his beliefs on data and science, he’s also a GUNNAR user.

What Dr. Corte Has to Say

In his review, Dr. Corte tells you everything you want to know about GUNNAR from an eye specialist’s perspective. From the effect of each lens type, to the looks and feel of frames. Dr. Corte gives a thorough review of each element of GUNNAR, offering a final score out of a possible five stars in categories including cost, quality, vision, and health/safety. All of these areas are of interest to potential GUNNAR users, but given Dr. Corte’s expertise, health/safety draws the most interest, for good reason. He rated GUNNAR 4.5 out of 5 stars on health/safety. “Overall,” Dr. Corte concluded, “GUNNAR Glasses are a fantastic option for the everyday individual to protect their eyes from harmful blue light and decrease their chances of digital eye strain.”

Give Dr. Corte’s post a read when you have a few moments. If you’re ready to get on board and protect your eyes, the styles he enjoys using are Sheadog, and Intercept which are both available right now.

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