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Doom Eternal Tips for Survival

Doom Eternal is a fast-paced thrill ride of bullet spray and nonstop action, and at times frustration. As you encounter enemies around every turn in some of the largest maps the franchise has ever offered, you may find yourself looking for an advantage. Tweaking your settings as well as a little help from KontrolFreek will increase your aim and subsequent ability to control a crowd, all while saving precious ammunition. Below you will find some tips on setting up your controller with the performance gaming gear offered by KontrolFreek.

Doom Eternal enemy attack

Increase Your Aim

Your ability to aim quickly has much to do with your controller’s sensitivity setting as your ability to react. As you already know, the higher the sensitivity, the quicker you can turn in all directions and quickly lay aim on a target. Raising this setting can also make it difficult to control your aim with the amount of movement you apply to the thumbstick. Although your sensitivity is increased, your amount of movement remains. Raising the height of your thumbstick, however, increases your arc distance, allowing you to move less, while turning and aiming faster. Make sense?  This is the magic of science.

side view of fps inferno performance thumbsticks
aerial view of fps inferno performance thumbsticks

A perfect match for the style set in Doom Eternal, KontrolFreek’s FPS Inferno Performance Thumbsticks provide a double high-rise thumbstick option for your controller. The vibrant red color and spiral patterned concave design will improve your grip and accuracy. Applying a high-rise thumbstick, especially on the right analog stick increases your arc distance on your aim by 135.5%. This grants the ability to make smaller, more precise in-game movements, affording you the luxury of turning up controller setting to maximum levels so you can turn on enemies faster with more precise aim.

adjusting controller settings on Doom Eternal

Making use of this, we’ve bumped up our sensitivity settings all the way up to 100 on the Horizontal and 90 on the Vertical from within the Doom Eternal settings. As with the default settings, we have put a slight emphasis on the ability to aim side-to-side over up-and-down since this also controls your ability to turn around. If you are new to high-rise thumbsticks, or changing your sensitivity in general, we suggest moving the sensitivity all the way up, testing in-game, and then move it down in increments of 10 until you find a setting that is comfortable and manageable to you. As you get accustomed to this new setting, you can adjust up again to fine tune your preference as needed.

enemy fire battle in Doom Eternal

The “aim assist” setting is on by default so we wouldn’t consider it cheating or think less of you for leaving it on. In fact, this will help you out as you get used to the increased sensitivity by ever-so-slightly helping you lock onto a target in view. As you move between multiple targets or enter a crowded chamber, the “aim assist” will prove helpful as you clear an enemy and quickly moving to another. In a game so frantic with enemies, and at times so limited on ammunition, any second you can shave switching from enemy to enemy with precision aim could be the difference between life and starting the level over.

enemy fire battle in Doom Eternal

We won’t pretend to tell you that these sensitivity techniques will keep you alive longer or make you an overnight professional gamer. However, allow yourself some time to adjust and with practice, you will improve your aim and ability to quickly turn sights between the onslaught of enemies. The increased grip and arc distance of the KontrolFreek FPS Inferno Performance Thumbsticks are engineered to work with a higher sensitivity level to increase accuracy. Especially in gaming situations, like throughout Doom Eternal, where the need for quick precision is paramount. This holds exceptionally true as you move your gameplay from campaign to multiplayer and that faster aim translates to dominance over your friends.

Whether you play on “I’m Too Young to Die” or “Nightmare” difficulty levels, campaign or multiplayer game modes, taking control of your settings will fine tune and increase your level of gameplay. Don’t be afraid to step away from default settings to create an advantage!

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