Find Out What A Pro Gamer Has to Say About GUNNAR

Find Out What A Pro Gamer Has to Say About GUNNAR

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At GUNNAR, we work hard to align ourselves closely with the gaming community. Our product can benefit everyone who uses digital devices, but few people use digital devices more than gamers. Gamers need their eyes in tip-top shape, and nothing protects like GUNNAR. We let Marcus “Dyrus” Hill try a pair of gamer glasses and then asked him what he thought. Keep reading to see his impressions.

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Dyrus’ Experience with GUNNAR

Name: Marcus Hill

Gamer tag: Dyrus

Age: 20

Games Played: League of Legends

Model Tested: Steelseries Scope Onyx/Carbon

Perception before the trial: “I saw GUNNAR as something similar to sunglasses. An accessory that protects your eyes from the sun.
Except instead of the sun, it just protects your eyes from light in general.”

Many people don’t know what GUNNAR is all about. Like Dyrus, they see it as an accessory with some use, but not as something really helpful. GUNNAR’s practical use is key, the aesthetic accessory part of it is just a nice side benefit!

Feedback after the trial: “After a few hours to a day, my eyes adjusted to the yellow tint of the glasses. Since I play games for long periods of time my eyes start to hurt, but ever since I’ve started wearing GUNNARS I haven’t been noticing the strain on my eyes anymore.”

The tint in the glasses may take a little getting used to, like in Dyrus’ case, but the benefit, as he notes, outweighs this very small inconvenience.

How do GUNNARS benefit you in your game and competitions?
“In game I get headaches when my graphics/effects are on very high. With GUNNARS I can fully experience the in-game graphics without bashing my head into a wall from all the flashing lights. Same goes for competitions, at WCG 2011 there were many flashing lights around the arena. Spotlights and moving flashing lights that could give people seizures from how annoying it was. I would have loved to have GUNNARS at that event.”

As we mentioned at the beginning, gamers have a special interest in protecting themselves. This is true not only during competition, but before, and after. Keeping their eyes in tip-top shape should rank high on their list of priorities.

Dyrus’ Review: “GUNNARS is a fair asset for my gaming needs. There’s even the option to use prescription GUNNARS so I can wear them wherever I want without worrying of being able to see. They’re also an extra pair of glasses just in case I lose my causal pair. I use GUNNARS every time I get on my computer which is 80% of my day.”

The Takeaway

We couldn’t be more pleased with Dyrus’ experience. Like so many others out there with similar experiences, Dyrus learned firsthand what we have to offer. Take it from someone who understands why protecting your eyes matters. Dyrus knows why it matters, and has learned how GUNNAR can help him. Whether you need protection because you game like Dyrus, or because you use your computer regularly, GUNNAR’s got your covered.

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