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New Google Update Reduces Blue Light

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Google released a new patch for its iOS and Android Play Books app. The new update added a feature called Night Light. reported that Google found most users of their e-reader typically read between 8 and 10 p.m. With the latest update, they now have the option to turn Night Light on which will slowly adjust the display to become warmer. It doesn’t completely remove blue light, but what a great step in the right direction!


How It Works

The feature works by adjusting the color palate of images on the screen. Blue light generally appears “cooler,” whereas yellow and red light appears “warmer.” Normal settings favor a cooler palate, as it appears more accurate in color. The warmer color palate, while less strictly accurate, reduces blue light. See the photo above for a demonstration of the change from normal to Night Light mode.

Why It matters

Why do they call this feature “Night Light,” besides the fact that it adjusts as the evening wears on? Well, blue light affects circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle. When exposed to excess blue light before bed, your eyes trick your brain into believing it’s day time. You should always avoid blue light, but even more so before bed.

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Google, per usual, leads the way. The research almost universally agrees on the problems with blue light. Google’s early adoption of technology limiting blue light emission comes as no surprise. Others have, and will follow suit. The technology doesn’t solve everything, but to the extent it does, embrace it!

All electronic devices emit blue light. This has been shown to disrupt your circadian rhythm, cause eye strain, and potentially cause other complications. Given its consonance with our mission, GUNNAR Optiks supports Google’s new option. We have long supported anyone’s efforts to help save your eyes.

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What About the Other Apps?

Since Google’s update just came out, don’t expect all of your apps to do the same thing right away. Eventually, expect your other apps, and even your entire operating system to do it. For now, Google has you covered when you use their app at night time. But what will you do for all of your other apps?

We suggest, as you might have guessed, blue light blocking glasses. Wearing a pair of GUNNARS protects you across all devices. Until adjustments similar to Google’s new update come to other platforms, GUNNAR’s got you covered. Even then, no app can stop 100% of blue light. Wearing a pair of GUNNAR’s patented lenses with high BLPF protects you even more.


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