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Exclusive: GUNNAR and Coke Esports Announce Partnership

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We are extremely excited to announce we have partnered with Coke Esports on a collaborative special edition gaming eyewear project. Coca-Cola™ has made a large commitment to esports over the past few years, and with our patented technology, influencers around the world will receive the visual help they need. Just released with the help of the Coke Esports team, the Limited Edition Coke Esports-branded Enigma and microfiber bag have landed and are currently being given out to Coke Esports’ friends of the brand.

Coke and Esports

Coke’s involvement in esports dates back to 2013, but their first major contribution came in their sponsorship of the 2014 League of Legends World Championship. . Just last year they launched their major partnership with FIFA eWorld Cup. Coke, as you can see, is quickly becoming closely associated with esports.

Two Esports Giants Join Forces

If Coca-Cola is one of the first brands you associate with esports, GUNNAR can’t be far behind. Our relationship with the esports community is central to our mission of reducing eyestrain and the negative effects that go along with it. A partnership between Coke Esports and GUNNAR represents an exciting meeting of two giants in the esports world.

“We are very excited to partner wih Coke Esports on this exclusive ENIGMA project for true esports gaming enthusiasts,” stated Scott Sorensen, GUNNAR President. “Both of our brands share a passion for making life and your gaming experience extraordinary. Both brands accent each other; Coca Cola refreshes the body while GUNNAR glasses keep the eyes refreshed.”

The Bottom Line

The world of esports is growing at an exponential rate and for GUNNAR to have the opportunity to join forces with Coke Esports is a huge honor. Whether gamers are engaged in feverish competition or honing their skills, GUNNAR and Coke Esports will be protecting their most valuable asset: their eyes.

Join thousands of other esports enthusiasts and pros, and get on the GUNNAR Movement bandwagon with the Enigma which is in stock now.

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