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How To Get Kids To Wear Glasses

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Given the changes in our digital screen habits over the last year or so, people have become more aware of the benefits of blue light glasses as increased screen time has taken its toll on many people’s vision and as a result, they have started to suffer from headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision etc. These are just some of the symptoms of what is known as ‘Digital Eye Strain’ and add to that disrupted sleep patterns from over exposure to blue light, then it’s a no brainer that we are going to do something about it, that’s why many adults have invested in a pair of blue light blocking glasses recently.  It’s preventative eye care practice at its best. 

But what about our children?  As adults we make the choice to wear blue light glasses because we know they help, but it’s certainly not easy to get our children to wear kids blue light glasses. I should know, I have two children of my own and it’s a struggle.  After all, everyone knows that generally what comes out of a parent’s mouth is often ignored completely, particularly once they reach the early teenage years!  

Now, if your child already wears kids glasses because they have a prescription, then the good news is that kids prescription glasses generally have a blue light filter included as standard, and since it’s a habit for them to wear them regularly, there’s not going to be such a big battle.  But what can you do if your child doesn’t wear eyeglasses and you want them to wear blue light blocking glasses for kids?

getting kids to wear glasses

Here’s a few hints and tips to consider as you wade into battle to make sure your kids have healthy eyes in this digital age:

1. Involve your kid in the buying process.  Sit down with them and shop together.  Let them choose the glasses that they’ll have to wear.  GUNNAR has a wide range of gaming and computer glasses for teenagers and younger children (4-8 and 8-12) and they also have a virtual try on tool which allows them to virtually try on a style they like the look of, so you and your offspring can have a bit of fun when shopping around.
2. Gaming glasses, what’s that?  YES!  They exist and in reality they are no different than computer blue light glasses other than sometimes in frame design.  The lens technology that helps block blue light and combat digital eye strain symptoms are the same.  If your kid is into video games on any level, rather than telling your kid they need blue light blocking glasses (boring!), tell them that they should try out gaming glasses just like pro gamers/streamers on YouTube already do!  There’s nothing like a bit of aspiration to change the opinion of a young mind.
3. GUNNAR has just released a new pair of Razer branded ‘gaming glasses’ for 8-12 year olds, modeled on a best selling pair of adult glasses, called FPS Mini. They also released another stylish pair of gaming glasses for younger teens called ESL Blade Lite based on another adult frame ESL Blade.  Why not buy a pair of glasses for yourself, leading by example, and then buy a pair for your mini-me?  Leading by example is a great way to show your kids that you’re in this together because it’s good for your eye health.  You’re not just telling your kids what to do.
4. Make wearing kids blue light glasses a prerequisite to being allowed to play video games, watch TV, YouTube, TikTok etc. Set up a new routine – in addition to screen time limitations, wearing blue light glasses when using screens can be added to that routine.
5. And finally, bribery, Whatever works with your little angels, use it.  No shame in it.  It’s been a trusted ‘go to’ tactic for parents for centuries.

how to get kids to wear glasses
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