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Help Us Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month

The members of our military deserve our appreciation every day. However, May is National Military Appreciation Month, so this month especially they merit praise. All of us likely feel the desire to show our appreciation for the members of our armed services; take advantage of this important month, by showing renewed appreciation for those who so nobly serve their country.
You better believe we’re doing so here at GUNNAR!

Introducing The Pendleton

Allow us to introduce our latest addition to our line of eyewear: The Pendleton.

Pendleton in Slate fitted with Ambermax lenses
Shown here in Slate fitted with Ambermax lenses.

Available for both prescription and non-prescription wearers, the Pendleton was designed with the military in mind. It features high-grade stainless-steel frames, and is named after the Pendleton Military Base. The Pendleton comes in both Slate and Moss colors and is fitted with GUNNAR’s patented ‘Amber’ lens. Show your appreciation for the military in style with The Pendleton, and help veterans in the process.

Show Your Support

Moss Framed Pendleton Glasses supporting OSD

When it comes to military support, we’re putting our money where our mouth is: GUNNAR has joined forces with OSD (Outperform, Serve & Develop) to raise money for veterans through their award-winning community programs.

For the month of May when you purchase the Pendleton Glasses of your choice, you have the opportunity to take your support a step further and GUNNAR will act along with you. For a donation of just $5 you can add a limited-edition patriotic glasses case to your purchase, 100% of which will go directly to OSD with a further $5 match from GUNNAR.

GUNNAR Limited Edition Patriotic Glasses Case
Limited Edition GUNNAR Patriotic Glasses Case

Take Action

At GUNNAR, we are excited to celebrate our military. We hope that you’ll join us. Take advantage of this month to show your appreciation. Together we can give back and show support and appreciation for our veterans. This philanthropic initiative only lasts through May 31st, so spread the word and act now!

US Marines Training at Camp Pendleton
gn gaming valve smoke amber optimized - Help Us Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month
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