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New Color and Sunglass Options Have Arrived!

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This week, we revealed new color and sunglass options for the Micron, PPK, and Intercept styles, and the response thus far has been phenomenally positive. Let’s breakdown what’s new starting with color options. For Micron, there are two new 24K colors, Dark Ale and Tortoise, and a brand new color we’ve called Marble. Both Dark Ale and Tortoise are very similar to what’s already been available for Intercept, and now that they’re available for Micron, you’ll really enjoy the exquisite look and quality in a modern frame. Marble is an exciting and modern new color that’s a mix of a gloss onyx and veins of gray rippled throughout the frame. Micron Marble looks both sophisticated and sleek, and is certain to turn a few heads.

Since being released several years ago, PPK has continued to be a favorite style among the GUNNAR loyal. In honor of the excitement and adventure brought to us by video games, we’ve designed a new color called Dark Steel. Think Fallout 4 meets BioShock. Distressed and edgy, PPK Dark Steel is sure to compliment any face and style at the same time.

It’s been a while since we introduced new sunglasses and we’re really happy to present to you four new options. For the extremely popular Intercept, we present the new Dark Ale 24K and Raven. You’re likely already familiar with the look of Dark Ale, but now with a grey sunglass lens, you get to look extraordinary while enjoying the great outdoors. Raven, meanwhile, is a stealthy new matte black finish with blackened GUNNAR temple logos. With a pair of these on, you’ll be embracing your inner geek while slipping under the radar undetected.

Finally, we can barely contain ourselves about the new Micron sunglasses that are now available. Both in 24K Dark Ale and Raven, these new frames are stunning in their own unique ways. There’s just something very special about how each one looks. Micron Dark Ale, like it’s Intercept cousin and amber-lensed sibling, is exceptionally high-class. It’s what you’d wear on the red carpet or to an outdoor wedding yet it’s so stylish, you’ll want to wear it every day. On the flip-side, if you imagine yourself a spy or love to maintain a mysterious profile, the Micron Raven is perfect for you. Dark, subtle, and oh so cool.

To get your hands on a pair of our new colors for Micron or PPK, and to get yourself ready for the Spring with a new pair of Intercept or Micron sunglasses, head to!

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