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Watch: Optometrist Recommends GUNNAR to Her Patients

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When it comes to your eyes, treat them with the importance they deserve. If you have a head problem you’ll go to a neurologist, foot problem a podiatrist, and tooth problem a dentist. Your eyes deserve the same expertise as any other important part of your body. So, when you have an eye problem, go to an optometrist. The question you might be asking yourself today, is “Do GUNNAR glasses actually work?” As in the case of solutions for the other parts of your body, you’ll want to know about doctor recommended blue light glasses. So, instead of answering your questions for ourselves, we asked Dr. Miki Lyn Zilnicki. Dr. Zilnicki is an accomplished optometrist who regularly deals with patients complaining of digital eye strain and sleep problems. See what she has to say below!

Let’s break things down a little more. In this video, Dr. Zilnicki pointed out two major problems for which sh recommends GUNNAR: Digital Eye Strain, and Restlessness, or trouble sleeping.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain (DES) comes from excessive exposure to digital screens. As Dr. Zilnicki pointed out, dry eyes, eye pain, and headaches are the three main symptoms. Staring at your screens day in and day out constantly causes these problems. The blue light our screens emit, as research has shown, harms our eyes in more ways than one. In addition to this, the imperceptible flicker of the screen makes your eyes constantly refocus. This vicious cycle of blue light and flickering causes DES. How does GUNNAR solve these issues? Again, Dr. Zilnicki hit the nail on the head: Our patented lens technology. Our lenses are designed to reduce glare, block blue light, and enhance your ability to use your devices for longer more comfortably.

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Blue Light and Sleep

The connection between blue light and sleep goes way back in history. Before humans had electricity, before they even had fire, the sun dictated our sleep schedule. We depended on the sunrise to tell us when to wake, and the sunset to tell us when to sleep. Fast forward to today, and the sun no longer necessarily plays that role. Unfortunately for us, we are left with a mark of those old natural cycles. It’s called circadian rhythm.

While the sun no longer holds complete control over our sleep cycle, light still heavily affects it. Your eyes and brain are tuned to different light colors. Blue light means it’s time to wake up. It just so happens, as mentioned above, digital devices run on LED lights, all of which have a high amount of blue light. Furthermore, most of our indoor lighting has turned to LED as well. The result? Poor sleep when you use technology before bed. If you experience this problem, GUNNAR’s got you covered there too. Our patented lens technology filters the most blue light possible. With 4 different levels of blue light protection, we’ve got you covered whatever your needs are. If you’re worried about your sleep, remember a doctor recommends blue light glasses, specifically GUNNAR.

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Take Dr. Zilnicki’s word for it, you can trust that GUNNAR glasses will do what they’re meant to! Head on over and choose your level of protection today.

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