PAX East, Lobster Rolls, and GUNNAR

PAX East, Lobster Rolls, and GUNNAR

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Holy smokes, PAX East was a whirlwind for GUNNAR Optiks this year! When we first stepped foot onto Boston soil, it was probably one of the most gorgeous days they’d seen in months – sunny, in the 70s, and clear skies all around. Not only that, but the area around the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center was teaming with life, fantastic places to eat, and spectacular views. Couple everything together with the ocean air, the vibe of the city, and all of the enthusiastic folks who came by our booth, and we ended up having an amazing time at the show.

This year’s event weekend went really well. We had several Visionaries come to our booth to hang out, get pictures with us, meet up with fans, and help spread the word about ensuring eyes are protected. Scott Cole from ESPN, popular streamers, Trick2G, Shahmeen, and Wooty, the one and only LeeAnna Vamp, Michele Morrow who was representing Legendary Entertainment, and many more took time out of their busy schedules to swing by and spend time with everyone. Not only that, but we had an incredible turnout for our daily raffles! Prizes from us, Filthy Casual, and DXRacer were huge hits, and of course, grand prize winners all walked away with even bigger smiles to go with their free glasses. Take a peek at some of the images we snagged while we were there:

We weren’t too fond of having to leave such a great city, but we certainly took home a lot of great memories. From our time with the NVIDIA GeForce team at their after party to hanging out with the good folks from Universal Pictures and the Warcraft movie, PAX East 2016 was one of the most exciting shows we’ve been to in recent memory. We’ll never forget the mind-blowingly delicious lobster rolls, but more importantly, we can’t say thank you enough to every single one of you who stopped by the GUNNAR booth. We hope to see you again at the next event!

Pax East 2016 - PAX East, Lobster Rolls, and GUNNAR
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