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A Diva With Eye Strain

Sheila Gaspers from had a problem. She was starting to feel the effects of digital eye strain. Feeling the draining symptoms of digital eye strain everyday could drive a person crazy. Unchecked, it probably would. Sheila, however, didn’t let blue light’s sapping force win out. Sheila picked up a pair of the GUNNAR Haus. After a few weeks of testing, she felt much better.

In her review of Haus, Sheila summarizes the symptoms of digital eye strain. She asks, “Have you suffered from dry eye, headaches, blurry vision, eye fatigue, insomnia? If so, it is time to focus on the reality and negative result of modern day advancements – Computer Vision Syndrome.”

I know, you’re reading her words and thinking, “geez, I’ve definitely had those side effects.” You’re not alone! 65% of the population suffers the effects of digital eye strain, according to Sheila’s review.

The problem, as she puts it, is “prolonged exposure to close distance viewing of computer screens and other devices.” When you’re a writer like Sheila, however, you can’t simply stop viewing your screens. Screens, when they’re your livelihood and your passion, will always be a part of your life. So, what’s a girl to do?

blue light glasses women
Sheila in her pair of GUNNAR Haus

A Solution That works

Sheila did not sit back and suffer in silence. Instead, like so many others, she “found relief and assurance with GUNNAR computer eyewear.” GUNNAR, as Sheila noted, takes a multifaceted approach to relieving eye strain. Our patented lens technology:

  • Reduces Glare with Anti-Reflective Coatings
  • Protects Eyes by Blocking Blue Light
  • Adds Contrast that Sharpens Viewing
  • Prevents Dry Eye & Minimizes Muscle Fatigue
  • Increases Magnification to Provide Clarity

Some of GUNNAR’s most loyal and avid followers include “avid gamers and software developers who are connected 24/7 to their screens.” However, Sheila put it best when she said, “GUNNAR’s technology is a scientific solution created with the needs of all computer users in mind.”

And, in case you hadn’t noticed, the Haus look very good on Sheila, thanks to the “haute,” design. She found that she “turned heads at the office.” GUNNAR designs our products to be practical, but also to suit the tastes of “even the most discerning diva.”

blue light glasses for work

A Mission to Benefit All

This review, among the many we receive, is special because of the reviewer. Sheila speaks from experience of a woman, and primarily to an audience of women. GUNNAR Optiks, as Sheila shows very well, wasn’t founded only to benefit the males that often dominate gaming and coding. Our products help all computer users protect their eyes from computer vision syndrome. Thank you, Sheila and Tango Diva!

Haus comes in three colors, Onyx, Onyx Fade, and Tortoise, in both amber and crystalline, and they’re all currently in stock.

blue light glasses for women
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