Sony PS5: How We're Preparing for the Future of Gaming

Sony PS5: How We’re Preparing for the Future of Gaming

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Under less extenuating conditions, E3 would have ended last week. In what would usually have been a huge week for the video game industry, complete with impressive booths, fanfare, big-name-events, tournaments and game announcements, this past week still offered some big news with the official digital reveal of the PlayStation 5. We weren’t the only ones excited at the launch: at the beginning of the livestream 121,905 people were watching; by the time it ended that number had reached 1,116,498 viewers! When the launch was slightly delayed, it seemed as if the world was watching and waiting as the music shifted and the presentation began. The PS5 is going to change things in the gaming world.

Details and Storytelling

Most launches and previews feature only gameplay. Sony showed their commitment to innovation by presenting not only gameplay, but also explaining and demonstrating the full range of possibilities of the PS5. Their extensive introduction event showed how new features and tech can enhance games.

One game I’m particularly excited to check out is Oddworld Soulstorm. Like many others in the live chat, I was thrilled to see this comeback. In my opinion (and this is purely based on fond memories I have of playing the series back in the day), it’s one of the top IP’s from the ’90s. According to developer, Oddworld Inhabitants, this new adventure is a re-imagining of 1998’s Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus and a continuation of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. It’s certainly a game I’m looking forward to playing and you should definitely check it out if you’ve never had the pleasure of getting to know the characters from this video game universe

That said, from Resident Evil VII, to Demon Souls Remastered, to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, there’s something for everyone. In the new Spider-Man game, from Insomniac, you’ll find an entirely standalone adventure, rather than a remaster or expansion on 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Lastly, don’t miss out on some of the new stylized releases, like Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop or Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus. Each offering an artistic lens to game design. These action packed games are filled with cinematic cutscenes and unique stylings to take advantage of the PS5’s heightened graphics. The re-release of Grand Theft Auto V is aiming to be a testament to these enhanced graphics. In what way the game is enhanced remains unclear, but we’re excited to test the full scope of the PS5 capabilities comparatively to its original release.

Games to Binge in the Meantime

All of those awesome new PS5 games were announced, but the new console doesn’t come out for months (maybe longer). For the time being, check out these five great games to ramp up to the release. The nearly universal backward compatibility on the PS5 is said to allow players to play their favorite PlayStation4 games like never before.

  1. Ratchet & Clank (2016) is a great one to revisit to prepare for Insomniac’s other newest release, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Get that muscle memory back up and ready for the newest release.
  2. Naughty Dog’s highly acclaimed The Last of Us (2013), or now the newest release The Last of Us Part II. Although initially delayed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, this game hit the market June 19th. The latest installment in this series has been highly anticipated, so be sure to get the latest of this post-apocalyptic story before the spoilers get out!
  3. Any games in the God of War series will reinvigorate that excitement in preparation for the 2021 release of God of War 5 for PS5. First released in 2005, the God of War franchise has quickly risen to become a cornerstone of Playstation gaming.
  4. Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020) was one of the most exciting releases of this year. This game integrates the standard turn-based play with real-time battle action for a more immersive experience. Follow Cloud Strife on this adventure to gear up for the awesome remakes expected for PS5.
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) should be near the top of your list too. Future Earth is a feast for your eyes. Wander through the colorful landscape playing as Aloy, a hunter in a land overrun by Machines. Horizon Forbidden West is expected soon for PS5, and you need to be ready.

What We Love About the Latest Hardware

In the final moments of the live stream, Sony shocked audiences by showing the first look at the hardware for the new PS5. The upright standing PS5 console includes a blu ray disc drive and is said to support up to 4K 120Hz. This brings it on par with the Xbox Series X in video quality.

new PS5 console on its side and dualsense controller
The next-gen console, upstanding in announcement, allows gamers to lay it on its side if preferred.

The PS5 games were developed to take advantage of the full range of its features. Moreover, the entire Playstation family was revealed to show the true depth of immersion offered. The entire PlayStation5 family includes the PS5, the PS5 ‘Digital Edition’ (sans disc drive), Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, Media Remote, DualSense Controller and Charging Station, and a New HD Camera. I couldn’t imagine a better grand finale.

“This [hardware] is also customizable in ways previous gens weren’t,” revealed Matt MacLaurin, the VP of UX Design at Playstation.

What this means, I can’t say for certain, but it seems Sony still has a few tricks up their sleeve. Safe to say, customizability adds intrigue to awesome.

The DualSense controllers are extra sensitive allowing you to feel every movement. They include micro-mics so you can easily talk to your team. The headset, however, offers the full effect of the 3D audio offered by the new PS5. The pulse 3D wireless headset seems to be the focus of the full-immersion experience with dual noise-cancelling microphones included.

With the introduction of the PS5 Digital Edition, will you make the switch to digital? The absence of physical copies would certainly save shelf space, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to say goodbye just yet. Especially with the backwards compatibility offered, unless there’s a significant leap in price point, I’m more inclined to keep the disc drive. Though the PS5 Digital Edition does give the next-gen console a sleek look.

No official price has been released, but rumors are flying. Sony is heavily emphasizing value over price. With both digital and hard disc options, there will likely be affordable options for anyone who wants in.

Keeping Comfortable, Keeping Protected

The systems war rages on as the next-gen console is set to become available Holiday 2020. While we don’t have an official release date, the PS5 is positioning to rival the release of the Xbox One this holiday season. As you ready yourself for the official launch, be sure to account for protection for your eyes. After long hours of gaming, your eyes become exhausted. Gamer glasses offer relief to the negative side-effects of tired eyes and offer protection from harmful blue light.

drake hotline bling meme showing full spectrum of harmful uv light vs wearing gamer glasses to block blue light
Gamer Glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light, so you can play longer, more comfortably.

Many gamer glasses don’t work well with headsets, however GUNNAR’s gamer glasses offer blue light and glare protection, while allowing for comfortable headset compatibility. The most recent addition to our line of gaming glasses were designed with gamer headsets in mind. Get eye protection that allows for hours of comfortable gameplay with the introduction of the Lightning Bolt 360. Be on the lookout!

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