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The Gaming of Concussions

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Brooke Benton is an extraordinary young woman. Simply put, she excels at pretty much anything she puts her mind to. That’s why her story is both unique and heartwarming, and was recently posted on the Lakeland, Florida website, Five years ago, Brooke was passionately diving to block a soccer ball from entering the goal. Unfortunately, the ball ricocheted off the goalpost hitting her directly in the head, causing her to suffer a mild concussion. As fate would have it, a week later while Brooke was recovering, she was inadvertently hit in the head again, this time by a wayward softball. She was the victim of a concussion on top of a concussion.

During her long recovery from these incidents, Brooke began experiencing what doctors refer to as Postconcussion Syndrome. Symptoms of this affliction include headaches, vertigo, difficulty concentrating, amnesia, light sensitivity, and even depression among other issues. On a whim, Brooke’s high school athletic trainer, Sue Stanley-Green, recommended she try wearing a pair of GUNNARS. Sue had recently stumbled upon our website where she found herself engrossed in the science behind our technology, and figured Brooke could potentially benefit, or at the very least, experience some relief. So, at the end of her rope, Brooke picked up a pair.

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Not long after wearing her GUNNARS, Brooke was encouraged by her science teacher to do a study. She went on to create a rating system recording how she felt while wearing and not wearing her glasses. Brooke then turned the results over to Sue who also works as a program director and associate professor at Florida Southern College. Sue then teamed up with professor of athletic training, Dr. Mick Lynch, where they expounded on Brooke’s findings. This led to a final study which has since been posted both in the Journal of Athletic Training, and on the National Institutes of Health’s website.

As incredibly interesting as these findings are, it would take a while to repost the results here so just follow the links above to read more about the research. Besides, this is a story about Brooke, and it certainly has a happy ending. After her recovery, she was finally cleared to return to playing softball. Despite a grueling regimen of retraining with her coach, Brooke started all 4 years in high school, and was an integral member of the team in their back-to-back state championships.

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