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Your Tired Eyes are Asking for a Break. Are you Listening?

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In the health and wellness industry, a focus on healthy lifestyle as a reward well worth the cost and effort has existed as long as the industry itself. This idea, however, hasn’t really crossed over into the realm of eye protection until recently. Over the past year, with the assistance of professionals in all kinds of related fields, our work to help educate the public on the importance of eye health has increased awareness of this important issue.

Boosting Productivity

Achieving your daily goals, being able to go the distance in all that you do, and then, at the end of the day, getting a great night’s sleep: everyone understands how important each of these things are. To accomplish these essential areas of focus, most Americans take steps every day to boost their energy and health.

Whether it’s exercise, an extra cup of coffee, going for a reinvigorating walk outside, or, believe it or not, giving their eyes a break, each day, Americans find themselves seeking to increase productivity, energy, and health through various means. The latest concept beginning to build up steam on this front is the idea of doing a “digital detox.” It’s not a bad idea, but for many, it’s also either not an option or its positive results are less desirable than staying connected.

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The Research

According to studies by Pew Research Center, Nielsen, and Oxford University, there is an ever-growing number of people all around the world who are affected by the artificial blue light emanating from their digital devices.


This research was all revealed at this year’s CES in Las Vegas by our friends at The Vision Council. On top of that, the American Medical Association recently issued a warning to all cities in the U.S. to stop using LED lighting because of how intense the blue light can be and disruptive it is for circadian rhythms. Harvard went on to study the issue further, showing that overly-lit conditions (extensive artificial lighting) can increase the risk for cancer.

How to Give Your Eyes a Break

With so many new studies showing how important it is to protect your eyes, it’s no wonder those in the health and wellness communities are encouraging everyone to take more precautions. Given all of this information, what would stop someone from following through on this timely advice? It’s simple: most people who would like to disconnect, and walk away from a digital screen, are unable to do so.

As we shared before, while some apps and devices manipulate screen colors in order to lessen blue light, their effect when set to a moderate level is not nearly extreme enough to make a significant difference. When these apps are in max settings, everything on your screen turns orange, which is definitely not ideal either. The best solution, for those unable or unwilling to turn away from the screens for long enough to make a difference, is external protection.

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Protective eyewear that offers a high BLPF (blue-light protection factor) is an important solution to the problem discussed here today. For the sake of your eyes, you should educate yourself about BLPF and see how taking advantage of protective eyewear might just be the solution for you.

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