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Can’t Sleep? Blame the Light!

The artificial light, that is.

It’s no mystery that our world is bathed in fluorescent and LED lighting, so it comes as no surprise that sleep, for many, is being disrupted. It’s gotten so bad, even Lifehacker has jumped into the fray to talk about it, and their article stems from a recent study done by scientists at Oxford University. You see (pun mildly unintended), natural blue light is what drives our circadian rhythm (the system that tells us when to wake, and when to feel sleepy) to function, and if there were no such thing as artificial light, we wouldn’t be here writing about this. However, unprotected eyes staring at screens are flooded with blue light causing eyes to flood the brain with what’s called melanopsin.

Blame the Light body image

We don’t want to bore you—you can easily Google melanopsin to read about the science ad nauseam all you want. Simply put, artificial blue light messes with your head thus disrupting your sleep, and damaging the quality of what little sleep you may end up getting. If you can’t just turn it off, then you need a pair of GUNNARS protecting your eyes.

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