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Your Tired Eyes are Asking for a Break. Are you Listening?

In the health and wellness industry, a focus on healthy lifestyle as a reward well worth the cost and effort has existed as long as the industry itself. This idea, however, hasn’t really crossed over into the realm of eye protection until recently. Over the past year, with the assistance of professionals in all kinds of related fields, our work to help educate the public on the importance of eye health has increased awareness of this important issue.

Boosting Productivity

Achieving your daily goals, being able to go the distance in all that you do, and then, at the end of the day, getting a great night’s sleep: everyone understands how important each of these things are. To accomplish these essential areas of focus, most Americans take steps every day to boost their energy and health.

Whether it’s exercise, an extra cup of coffee, going for a reinvigorating walk outside, or, believe it or not, giving their eyes a break, each day, Americans find themselves seeking to increase productivity, energy, and health through various means. The latest concept beginning to build up steam on this front is the idea of doing a “digital detox.” It’s not a bad idea, but for many, it’s also either not an option or its positive results are less desirable than staying connected.

protect eyes from computer screen

The Research

According to studies by Pew Research Center, Nielsen, and Oxford University, there is an ever-growing number of people all around the world who are affected by the artificial blue light emanating from their digital devices. Statistics show more than 83% of Americans report using a digital device for more than two hours a day; 60.5% of those people in turn report experiencing digital eye strain.

This research was all revealed at this year’s CES in Las Vegas by our friends at The Vision Council. On top of that, the American Medical Association recently issued a warning to all cities in the U.S. to stop using LED lighting because of how intense the blue light can be and disruptive it is for circadian rhythms. Harvard went on to study the issue further, showing that overly-lit conditions (extensive artificial lighting) can increase the risk for cancer.

How to Give Your Eyes a Break

With so many new studies showing how important it is to protect your eyes, it’s no wonder those in the health and wellness communities are encouraging everyone to take more precautions. Given all of this information, what would stop someone from following through on this timely advice? It’s simple: most people who would like to disconnect, and walk away from a digital screen, are unable to do so.

As we shared before, while some apps and devices manipulate screen colors in order to lessen blue light, their effect when set to a moderate level is not nearly extreme enough to make a significant difference. When these apps are in max settings, everything on your screen turns orange, which is definitely not ideal either. The best solution, for those unable or unwilling to turn away from the screens for long enough to make a difference, is external protection.

digital detox for eye protection

Protective eyewear that offers a high BLPF (blue-light protection factor) is an important solution to the problem discussed here today. For the sake of your eyes, you should educate yourself about BLPF and see how taking advantage of protective eyewear might just be the solution for you.

Exclusive: GUNNAR and Coke Esports Announce Partnership

We are extremely excited to announce we have partnered with Coke Esports on a collaborative special edition gaming eyewear project. Coca-Cola™ has made a large commitment to esports over the past few years, and with our patented technology, influencers around the world will receive the visual help they need. Just released with the help of the Coke Esports team, the Limited Edition Coke Esports-branded Enigma and microfiber bag have landed and are currently being given out to Coke Esports’ friends of the brand.

Coke and Esports

Coke’s involvement in esports dates back to 2013, but their first major contribution came in their sponsorship of the 2014 League of Legends World Championship. . Just last year they launched their major partnership with FIFA eWorld Cup. Coke, as you can see, is quickly becoming closely associated with esports.

Two Esports Giants Join Forces

If Coca-Cola is one of the first brands you associate with esports, GUNNAR can’t be far behind. Our relationship with the esports community is central to our mission of reducing eyestrain and the negative effects that go along with it. A partnership between Coke Esports and GUNNAR represents an exciting meeting of two giants in the esports world.

“We are very excited to partner wih Coke Esports on this exclusive ENIGMA project for true esports gaming enthusiasts,” stated Scott Sorensen, GUNNAR President. “Both of our brands share a passion for making life and your gaming experience extraordinary. Both brands accent each other; Coca Cola refreshes the body while GUNNAR glasses keep the eyes refreshed.”

The Bottom Line

The world of esports is growing at an exponential rate and for GUNNAR to have the opportunity to join forces with Coke Esports is a huge honor. Whether gamers are engaged in feverish competition or honing their skills, GUNNAR and Coke Esports will be protecting their most valuable asset: their eyes.

Join thousands of other esports enthusiasts and pros, and get on the GUNNAR Movement bandwagon with the Enigma which is in stock now.

GUNNAR Partners with eSports and Crypto Giant Unikrn

Once again, we lead the charge in advancing esports and gaming performance with a revolutionary new partnership with Unikrn, a leading esports brand in the rapidly growing esports community. From our inception 10 years ago, we were the first and original non-peripheral-based company to support and promote esports, and here we are today moving this same support on into and beyond the 21st Century.

Made official on January 11, 2018, we are extremely excited to partner with Unikrn. What makes this partnership so unique is that we will be the first company to allow UnikoinGold (UKG) to be used to make purchases on via the Unikrn Wallet. If you buy GUNNAR products, you’ll also earn a UKG kickback when you sign up for Unikrn’s Connekt platform. GUNNAR products will be earnable via Unikrn’s jackpots, which users can enter for free after earning UKG just for playing the games they love. UnikoinGold is owned in over 200 countries, traded on major crypto exchanges around the world, and widely used on their own Unikrn platform.

From Unikrn CEO, Rahul Sood, “This is the first Unikrn Wallet partnership we’ve completed, and GUNNAR Optiks are once again ahead of the game. As one of the OGs in esports, it’s nice that GUNNAR recognizes Unikrn’s explosive growth and global reach. By integrating the cutting edge Unikrn Wallet Blockchain, GUNNAR may accept UnikoinGold from virtually anywhere, seamlessly and effortlessly. Just awesome!”

For those of you unfamiliar with Unikrn, they are like Disneyland for esports. Since launch, Unikrn has established itself as a leading esports brand that’s been woven into the fabric of the rapidly growing esports community. Their global product portfolio and contributions include the Unikrn wagering platform, esports team ownership, tournament series, multiple original content platforms, sponsored community creators, and a group that works with casinos to attract modern gaming audiences. Unikrn raised venture capital from Mark Cuban, Shari Redstone, Elisabeth Murdoch, Ashton Kutcher, Guy O’Seary, and many others including a leading investor well-known for early investment into Snapchat and the partners with similar track records in a variety of Silicon Valley successes, including Twitter and Instagram. Unikrn recently sold over 127,000,000 of their UnikoinGold tokens in what was the largest token sale in esports and gaming history.

“This partnership with Unikrn marks a new era in ecommerce, technology, and gaming for GUNNAR,” stated Scott Sorensen, GUNNAR President, “We have supported gaming and esports for a decade now and this partnership will allow us to take our support to the next level. We are very excited to partner with visionaries such as the Unikrn team because both of our brands share a passion for making your gaming experience extraordinary.”

You can find out more about Unikrn here and here. And before you dive into watching their content and esports teams, be sure your eyes are protected! We have several styles available right now.

Health is the New Wealth

2018 is upon us and so begins a fresh start for countless people. It’s the season of New Year’s Resolutions when millions of individuals will promise themselves to eat more nutritious foods, increase their vitamin intake, hit the gym on a regular basis, and all sorts of other efforts in order to achieve a healthier and happier version of themselves. However, for most, one integral part of their body is neglected: the eyes.

eye health

Everyone’s day begins when the eyes open and ends when they close, so it makes perfect sense to protect them in between. And given the incredible amount of new information being released about the need to protect the eyes, now is the time for a digital eyewear movement like no one has ever seen before (pun intended). Just take a look at WebMD; they recently posted an article that shows wearing amber-tinted glasses is recommended to improve sleep quality. The study is based on a newly published article in the Journal of Psychiatric Research which proved “soundness of sleep” was “significantly higher” when subjects wore amber lenses before going to bed. So, you see, health really is the new wealth!

It’s no mystery that efforts by many to live a healthier life have increased. In fact, since 2013, the health and wellness industry has grown by nearly 11%, and earns around $4 trillion a year with nearly $550 billion going to mind and body fitness. From expensive, healthy customized diets to specialized personal training, millions of people are shelling out thousands of dollars each year to better themselves. Yet, the same eyes they use to spot these deals in order to improve their health is the one part of their body that’s ignored the most. Whether indoors or out, many people just don’t feel the need to put on a pair of glasses or sunglasses in order to avoid damaging waves of light. Outdoors, it’s ultraviolet light which has been proven time and again to damage corneal tissue. Indoors, it’s the dreaded artificial blue light that’s really the beast of eye damage.

protect eyes

If you’re just catching up on what’s been getting a lot of attention lately, blue light is the only wavelength that penetrates deep into the eye and can adversely affect the retina. With sunlight, the natural part of our biological clocks kicks in. Blue light triggers an enzyme in the eye which sends a message to the brain to turn off melatonin (the natural chemical that makes us sleepy) and we wake up. As the sun goes down, the results are reversed and we get tired. Since it’s the 21st Century, though, we’re now inundated by electronic devices at nearly every turn. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, dashboards, even some refrigerator doors! Digital screens are everywhere and they all emit a whole lot more blue light than the sun. Specifically, the peak of blue light from 400 to 450 nanometers is the most damaging. Beyond 450, we get a wavelength of blue light that’s actually healthy, helps your mood improve, and increases focus.

Now, if you’re one of the 83+% of Americans who use a digital device for more than two hours a day and part of the millions who experience eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and even neck and shoulder pain, then say hello to digital eye strain because that’s what you have. And if you think these numbers are alarming, don’t hold your breath for a reprieve because our world is only getting more wired as you read this. Not only are our eyes exposed to harmful blue light at nearly every turn which can cause macular degeneration, cataracts, and permanent damage to the retina, that same blue light is also causing us to lose quality sleep. So, in a world concerned about health, wellness, and improving livelihood, why are so many disregarding their eyes while dumping thousands of dollars on everything else? It makes no sense.

eye health tips

What we weren’t expecting as we headed into 2017 was for a new era of urgency to be ushered in. We had professional athletic directors and teams reach out, health gurus, exercise experts, and many more come knocking on our door looking for a way to improve their sleep quality while protecting their eyes throughout their digitally-soaked day. Even fashion-conscious celebrities and organizations wanted to work with us because digital eye strain is a very real issue for all people from all walks of life. 2017 turned into a GUNNAR Movement which we’re now riding into 2018. Not only are we working hard on developing new styles and technology to go with them, we have some really ambitious partnerships to announce very soon. This has all led us to wonder how we can make it easier for you to decipher exactly what you’re getting when you invest in GUNNAR products and your health.

good eyesight
healthy eyes

Today, we’d like to announce a new lens protection rating system we’re calling BPF: blue protection factor. BPF is a scientifically applied protection rating designed to help people compare the efficiency of the blue light protection from their screens which they receive from their glasses. Starting now and similar to SPF (sun protection factor), all of our products and comparisons will come with a BPF rating so you can clearly see what level of protection you’re getting. The GUNNAR patented amber lens carries a BPF of 65 in comparison to most other competitors that have a BPF of 18. Wearing a lens with a BPF value of 65 means that the lens blocks a minimum of 65% of incoming blue light from 380nm to 450nm, and 100% of UV light. Since the most damaging and intense blue light is nearer to 450 nanometers, you know GUNNAR protection will be vastly superior.

Protecting your eyes is our #1 goal. Ever since GUNNAR was established over 10 years ago, we’ve remained close to optometry professions to ensure our products are of the highest quality on the market. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, engineer, accountant, student, or just on a computer a lot, GUNNAR provides the highest protection available – protection that helps you see better, play longer, and improve your health. On top of that and with the introduction of the BPF rating system, we’re able to go one step further in making sure you know you’re getting nothing but the best with GUNNAR Optiks.

If you’re new to GUNNAR and into gaming, check out the Razer FPS; if you’re looking for something to wear during the daily grind, take a peek at the Publish Mod.

Women’s Eye Health at Work is Suffering. 4 Ways you Can do Better

The health and wellness gurus at Well+Good  posted an interesting article which discusses the need for women to pay better attention to their eye health, and we couldn’t agree more. W+G also shed some light on a recent American Academy of Ophthalmology report, which stated women are more likely to suffer from chronic dry eye, inflammation, and vision impairment when compared to men. While we all know it’s important for everyone to prioritize their eye health, women, it seems, should pay special attention to this issue! With the many problems that can arise at work, there’s no reason to add eye strain to the list.

What causes eyesight problems?

What Should You Do About it?

Well+Good offers some helpful tips for eye health, and thus increased productivity for women in the workplace. Today we expand on some of their great ideas:

  1. Keep Computers at Arm’s Length: Keeping your computer no closer than 25 inches from you reduces immediate exposure. Seeking to reduce blue light exposure while you work is one simple way to help.
  1. Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: Although reducing exposure to blue light while using the computer is good, taking a break is also very important. The 20-20-20 rule states that you should “look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.” This breaks up the constant exposure to harmful blue light, and allows your eyes some much needed relaxation.
  1. Be Aware of Screen Brightness: This rule is simple: if your screen is brighter than the light source in the room, it’s too bright. High screen brightness, high blue light exposure; keep your brightness to a reasonable level relative to the light in the rest of the room.
  1. Wear Glasses Rather Than Contacts: Contacts force your eyes to focus and refocus. Some of this strain is taken off when wearing glasses, which help your eyes relax, and do much of the focusing for them.

What are some of the most common problems affecting the eyes

One Important Addition

One other very important note W+G added to the final tip in this list is not to just wear glasses rather than contacts, but to wear “blue-light blocking specs.” All of these tips are incredibly timely and helpful, but this last bit of advice deserves special attention.

Self-awareness is essential in increasing eye health in a busy work environment, as most of these tips note, but sometimes we lose track of ourselves. Deadlines approach, tasks are added, and stress builds. When that happens, GUNNAR’s got your back. Whenever you know you’re going to be behind a screen at work without much chance for a substantial break, wear GUNNAR and protect your eyes no matter what’s thrown at you.

eye diseases common in females

Take Action

So, if your “#bosslady goals” are to keep excelling and getting the job done well, follow Well+Good’s advice and then take it one step further by protecting your eyes with GUNNAR. You will immediately feel the difference and, therefore, be able to spend more time on increasing your workplace productivity.

Ramp up your ability to tackle the daily grind with a pair of Vertex – available now in Onyx and Smoke.

Nobel Prize Winners’ Research Proves Blue Light Affects Sleep

Congratulations to doctors Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young for winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine! These three American medical professionals studied fruit flies for decades in order to isolate one specific gene that dictates the body’s circadian rhythm. Their groundbreaking research leads the way to a more robust understanding of artificial light’s effect on our sleep and overall health.
Another detail about this victory worth noting: they won the Nobel Prize in competition with ground-breaking discoveries in gene-editing and immuno-oncology. These incredibly important fields of study are not diminished by Hall, Rosbash and Young’s accomplishment. However, the victory strongly emphasizes the importance of research on circadian rhythm. As you probably already know, this research holds central importance for our mission. The international scientific community’s recent acknowledgment lends support what we have been saying all along.
research on blue light and sleep

A TL;DR Breakdown of Their Research

Here is a bullet point version of their research:

  • Just like the visible formations of stars, we all have constellations of proteins in our DNA. These various constellations work together to keep our bodies and minds functioning on a 24-hour cycle. Part of this 24-hour cycle, naturally, includes when and how well we sleep.
  • One protein included in the cluster related to the sleep cycle deals with light. When the sun rises our bodies naturally know to wake up, and this protein gets the credit. When natural sunlight brightens the world throughout the day, our bodies won’t let us down and tell us to go to sleep. So long as the protein that controls the effect of light on our sleep cycle remains in correct working condition, our body will know when to sleep and when to wake up based on natural light exposure.
  • Letting in more artificial light disrupts the cycle. This causes our brains to not want to sleep due to a process called melatonin disruption. The chemical that signals the brain to go to sleep, melatonin, becomes impaired by overexposure to artificial light. Sleep loss logically follows.
  • What happens when you don’t get enough sleep? As we previously posted, you risk impairing your memory, increasing your chances for injury and disease, perpetuating the issue through neurotoxin buildup which further disrupts sleep, and becoming more prone to depression.

how does blue light affect sleep

Take Action!

The story of these dedicated doctors’ success in this important research deserves a full telling. Read the whole story on, and comment below with your thoughts.

The process of learning exactly how artificial light harms the body remains ongoing. Yet, with this newly honored research, we already find that what we know has not led us wrong. We know enough to state that the amount of artificial light to which you expose yourself on a daily basis is too much.

The best solution is to cut down on your exposure. We know, however, that for most that’s simply not an option. Don’t wait, protect your eyes today. With GUNNAR’s patented lens technology, you can help preserve your body clock and get the proper sleep you deserve.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2017“. Nobel Media AB 2014. Web. 3 Oct 2017.

Mission Possible: Protecting Your Eyes

GUNNAR’s mission (and yes we accept it) is to help you protect your eyes. The Mission wrote a thorough and engaging summary of the reason we exist. In this most recent article, they cover a treasure-trove of meaningful information about digital eye strain. Central to their article, as you might have guessed, is their perspective on GUNNAR’s solution.

eye protection tips

What’s in the Article?

1. Digital Eye Strain

They cover the essentials of digital eye strain. With this, they go over the symptoms, and, more importantly, the causes. Importantly, they emphasize proximity. If you view screens up close, as we often do with smart phones, the blue light exposure elevates, and the symptoms come on quicker, and more severely.

Check out this helpful video from The Mission on Digital Eye Strain, aka Computer Vision Syndrome:

2. Solutions

Next they get into solutions (of course, our favorite section of the article!). Here, naturally, they cover GUNNAR’s patented lens technology. In addition to this, they offer other tips, including:

    • Following the 20-20-20 rule (look away from your screen and at something 20 feet away, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes)
    • Reducing overhead lighting
    • Keep screens at arm’s length
    • Increasing text size on screens

3. Statistics

Here they cover the facts about who suffers from Digital Eye Strain, including the following highlights:

    • About 80% of Americans, across all age groups, use digital devices two or more hours per day
    • Among all Americans, 32.6% report eye strain, 22.7% report dry eyes, 21.4% report headaches, 22% report blurry vision, and 30.8% report neck or shoulder pain.

4. Technological Solutions

In this section they covered how to block blue light using your smart phone. The solutions on this front are promising, but still less than ideal. Most solutions either block an insufficient amount of light, or change your screen color to orange.

5. GUNNAR’s Solution

They end the last section with the following list of facts about GUNNAR products:

    • Amber lenses add contrast to help the eyes define and recognize characters and shapes on your screen faster. Faster means less work for your eyes.
    • The lens tint filters high frequency blue light emitted from digital devices to protect eyes from both short-term and long-term stress. Studies have shown that blue light can cause damage to your retina, prevents needed production of melatonin to help you sleep, and has been connected to the development of age-related macular degeneration.
    • The lens focusing power helps you hold focus on your digital screens and minimizes eye muscle fatigue. It does that by prefocusing the light and simulating distant viewing so the eyes don’t get tired as fast.
    • The wrap-around design helps hold in the humidity between the lens and eyeball longer to minimize the effects of dry-eye.
    • Anti-reflective coatings on front and back of the lenses eliminate visual distractions to the eye preventing unneeded exhaustion from reflections and glare

The Final Word

You might ask yourself, “why did The Mission decide to partner with GUNNAR?” They offer their own answer to this question:

“At The Mission, we partner with the best companies in the world to help bring you informative content and the tips found in this article. We only partner with companies whose products we use, and whose team members we trust.”

The Mission works with GUNNAR because they use our products, and trust our team.

Our mission with the help of The Mission is to protect your eyes. There’s no time like the present to join the Movement of believers who want to end the pain of digital eye strain.

GUNNAR Teams with Globally Renowned Artist Hydro74 for Limited Edition Axial

CARLSBAD, Calif. – August 15, 2017 – GUNNAR Optiks®, the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of computer eyewear, is extremely proud to present the latest Limited Edition AXIAL designed by Hydro74. AXIAL just joined the ranks of new GUNNAR styles, and given Hydro74’s passion for contemporary art and his unique traditional style, it seemed fitting to combine his work with the frame. The Hydro74 AXIAL features a spectacularly imagined and one-of-a-kind pattern which is emblazoned on the temples, and is coupled with a befitting all-seeing eye to symbolize his visionary talent.

The Limited Edition Hydro74 AXIAL comes with patented i-AMP® lens technology which is precision-engineered to eliminate eye strain and block the harmful effects of blue light. Multi-barrel hinges and soft, comfortable temples provide ideal comfort, while its shape and curved nose rests help distribute weight perfectly. Balance, comfort, style, and now exclusive appeal all in one. There are only 300 Limited Edition pieces of the Hydro74 AXIAL available and it starts at an MSRP of $69.99.

In an effort to defy his dark past, Hydro74 applies his story and determination directly into his illustrations and designs. He chose to become rather than be defeated, and it shows in the Limited Edition Hydro74 AXIAL. GUNNAR couldn’t be more pleased and honored to feature Hydro’s incredibly unique style on the new AXIAL. Hydro74 was defined by defiance and aims to change tomorrow for the better. Now you can join him in his quest.

Limited Edition Axial Designed by Hydro74 – Defined by Defiance

GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. GUNNAR’s premium computer eyewear defends eyes against short and long-term effects of digital eye strain due to exposure to digital screens, and harmful blue light. Each of GUNNAR’s models are forged with high-strength, lightweight frame materials to provide long-lasting durability and optical stability.

GUNNAR Celebrates Its Visionaries with The Movement Campaign

CARLSBAD, Calif. – April 7, 2017 – GUNNAR Optiks®, the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of computer eyewear, proudly announces the next phase of GUNNAR’s existence by launching a new 2017 marketing campaign. Expanding on the original My_Digital Life campaign that illustrated the need for eyewear due to the digital lifestyles of GUNNAR Visionaries such as 50 Cent, Adam Sesler, DJ Skee, and Dyrus – GUNNAR launches The Movement: a campaign spotlighting top influencers and why they choose to protect their eyes.

digital eye strain movement

Wearing GUNNAR eyewear as part of each Visionary’s daily arsenal to do what they do is no longer just recommended by medical professionals, it has become a movement. A pure movement to improve their lives, their performance, and their health. The new campaign features some of GUNNAR’s biggest Visionaries who enjoy incredible success thanks in part to their loyal and dedicated use of GUNNAR eyewear. A GUNNAR Visionary is a successful influencer who relies on the use of digital devices to master their career of choice. Starting with professional gamers, streamers, content creators, hackers, and digital artists, these Visionaries are shown wearing their frame style of choice while acknowledging that their accomplishments have been reached in part by protecting their eyes along the way.

gunnar movement

The Movement campaign will kick off with legendary influencers like Mari “AtomicMari” Takahashi, Josh “Hydro74” Smith, Joseph “Swiftor” Alminawi, Scott “Highsage” Scheferman, and Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios. New Visionaries will be added throughout the year.

“This is a great campaign that recognizes the influencers who have helped create The Movement that has been a huge part in building the GUNNAR brand,” said GUNNAR President, Scott Sorensen. “Our Visionaries are a true testimonial to GUNNAR Optiks’ success in preventing digital eye strain and helping driven people achieve their goals.”

gunnar visionary team

In 2016, GUNNAR focused on better educating the world about the issues of digital eye strain and how GUNNAR can help their daily digital lives. Through these marketing efforts, professionals in the video game, eSports, cyber security, and traditional athletic worlds jumped on board both in an effort to enhance their work while improving their performance. And from this, the GUNNAR Movement was fortified. Organically, it was no longer just about having eye protection, it was also about joining the growing number of wildly successful professionals in all fields who rely upon GUNNAR Optiks to help them dominate their respective goals. Using superior imagery and straightforward testimonials, GUNNAR is now focused on enhancing and spreading the message to everyone. It’s now time to join The Movement of believers who have made their lives better. Succeed on!

gunnar glasses visionaries

GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. GUNNAR’s premium computer eyewear defends eyes against short and long-term effects of digital eye strain due to exposure to digital screens, and harmful blue light. Each of GUNNAR’s models are forged with high-strength, lightweight frame materials to provide long-lasting durability and optical stability.



Founded in 2006, GUNNAR Optiks®, LLC designs and engineers Computer Eyewear to protect and enhance vision using revolutionary technology solutions. GUNNAR introduced the Technology Eyewear category in 2008, and pioneered the only patented lens technology to reduce digital eye strain and fatigue issues associated with computer use. GUNNAR is a privately-held company headquartered in Carlsbad, California. For more information, visit


Media Contact

Scott Sorensen, President
[email protected]

Revolutionary Eyewear for All

A Diva With Eye Strain

Sheila Gaspers from had a problem. She was starting to feel the effects of digital eye strain. Feeling the draining symptoms of digital eye strain everyday could drive a person crazy. Unchecked, it probably would. Sheila, however, didn’t let blue light’s sapping force win out. Sheila picked up a pair of the GUNNAR Haus. After a few weeks of testing, she felt much better.

In her review of Haus, Sheila summarizes the symptoms of digital eye strain. She asks, “Have you suffered from dry eye, headaches, blurry vision, eye fatigue, insomnia? If so, it is time to focus on the reality and negative result of modern day advancements – Computer Vision Syndrome.”

I know, you’re reading her words and thinking, “geez, I’ve definitely had those side effects.” You’re not alone! 65% of the population suffers the effects of digital eye strain, according to Sheila’s review.

The problem, as she puts it, is “prolonged exposure to close distance viewing of computer screens and other devices.” When you’re a writer like Sheila, however, you can’t simply stop viewing your screens. Screens, when they’re your livelihood and your passion, will always be a part of your life. So, what’s a girl to do?

Sheila in her pair of GUNNAR Haus

A Solution That works

Sheila did not sit back and suffer in silence. Instead, like so many others, she “found relief and assurance with GUNNAR computer eyewear.” GUNNAR, as Sheila noted, takes a multifaceted approach to relieving eye strain. Our patented lens technology:

  • Reduces Glare with Anti-Reflective Coatings
  • Protects Eyes by Blocking Blue Light
  • Adds Contrast that Sharpens Viewing
  • Prevents Dry Eye & Minimizes Muscle Fatigue
  • Increases Magnification to Provide Clarity

Some of GUNNAR’s most loyal and avid followers include “avid gamers and software developers who are connected 24/7 to their screens.” However, Sheila put it best when she said, “GUNNAR’s technology is a scientific solution created with the needs of all computer users in mind.”

And, in case you hadn’t noticed, the Haus look very good on Sheila, thanks to the “haute,” design. She found that she “turned heads at the office.” GUNNAR designs our products to be practical, but also to suit the tastes of “even the most discerning diva.”

A Mission to Benefit All

This review, among the many we receive, is special because of the reviewer. Sheila speaks from experience of a woman, and primarily to an audience of women. GUNNAR Optiks, as Sheila shows very well, wasn’t founded only to benefit the males that often dominate gaming and coding. Our products help all computer users protect their eyes from computer vision syndrome. Thank you, Sheila and Tango Diva!

Haus comes in three colors, Onyx, Onyx Fade, and Tortoise, in both amber and crystalline, and they’re all currently in stock.

GUNNAR® and Razer™
Join Forces Again to Launch the New FPS

We are very excited to reveal the FPS designed by Razer™, The Next Iteration of Superior Gaming Eyewear. Now available, the FPS features flat, high-tinsel steel temple arms with the Razer logo boldly displayed along with the company’s iconic coloring, and tipped with adjustable acetate for comfort and compatibility with Razer headphones. Its modern, wrap-around design provides users with style along with excellent peripheral coverage for the most intense battles. The FPS comes with GUNNAR’s patented i-AMP® lens technology which is precision-engineered to eliminate digital eye strain and prevents the harmful effects of artificial blue light. The adjustable nose pads and width at the temples offer excellent compatibility with a wide variety of face shapes.

razer glasses

“GUNNAR has advanced eyewear technology for PC gamers since its beginning, and we have enjoyed working with them over the years on custom designs for our Esports athletes and fans alike,” says Min-Liang Tan, Co-Founder and CEO, Razer. “The amount of time that pro gamers dedicate to their training puts them in front of computer screens for extreme periods of time. Our new FPS model of GUNNAR glasses will help ensure that players have an advantage over competitors with clearer vision and reduced eye fatigue.”

gaming glasses razer

The GUNNAR partnership with Razer marches forward with a design that’s sure to appeal to a wide variety of computer users and gamers. Inspired by the popular FPS video game genre, the GUNNAR FPS designed by Razer offers contemporary and modern styling with lightweight comfort.

Sleeping Disorders on the Rise for U.K. Children

No Sleep In London

A new study finds kids in the U.K. suffer from sleeping disorders at an alarming rate. Technology, according to the study, is to blame. The study shows that, compared to 10 years ago, three times as many children are admitted to hospitals for treatment of sleep disorders. They suffer not just from poor sleep quality, but also from other disorders brought on by sleep deprivation.

It goes without saying that if the numbers are on the rise in Britain, the U.S. is likely not far behind. Earlier this year, The Vision Council released their annual report on blue light and digital eye strain. Their research shows that 76.5 percent of Americans report their child or children are spending more than two hours in front of a digital device each day. Not only that, but they also report that 55.6 percent technology users suffer some form of computer vision syndrome after being exposed to two or more hours of screen time.

Is the U.S. Next?

The kids in the U.K should be a warning for the rest of the world, and a wakeup call to the U.K. The damage caused to children’s eyes by their exposure to technology at earlier and earlier ages has long term effects. The sleep cycle disruption and all that goes along with it is only the beginning.

Macular degeneration, cataracts, even diabetes all correlate with excessive exposure to blue light through technology. Nipping the problem in the bud would be ideal. We may already be past that point, but stopping sooner is always better than later when the stakes are so high. Children, as vulnerable and susceptible as they are, deserve and need the protection of adults.

Dealing with Modernity

Technology continues to expand at a breathtaking rate. Children (and adults) will only find themselves exposed to technology more frequently as the years wear on. Furthermore, it’s unquestionable that artificial light sources are detrimental to your health. So why aren’t more people taking greater precautions to both protect themselves and their children?

The best way to improve health is to just turn things off. Put the phone down, close the laptop, get outside, and ease the strain on your eyes the way Mother Nature intended. For other times when this isn’t an option:

  • Put your GUNNAR’s on. The blue light blocking, glare reducing, and magnifying technology in the lenses reduce much of the negative effect of technology.
  • Use the tech and apps out there that help reduce blue light. The development of such technologies is still unfolding. Nevertheless, take advantage of what they already have, even if it’s not perfect.
  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It’s that simple and your eyes will thank you.

Parenting for the Future

As parents, we often consider what we would have done differently if we were in our parents’ shoes. Don’t let this issue be something your children one day look back on and wish you had done something different. In the short run taking action may be difficult (kids love their iPads!), in the long run, it will absolutely be worth it. Your children will thank you.

GUNNAR Welcomes Hydro74 to the Family

Coming from a background of abuse and neglect, not many would have thought Joshua Smith would have amounted to much in life. Very little was set before him in order to help him to a life of success. In fact, it was almost as if hurdles were deliberately put in his way. But for Joshua, it wasn’t about being a victim and succumbing to the pressure, it was about never giving up. In what he refers to as “Defined by Defiance” and stemming from one of the darkest moments of his life, Hydro74 was borne. During a time when he could have thrown it all away, he found hope.

Fast-forward to today, and Hydro74 has since built himself up to be one of the most gifted and successful artists of our time. For 16 years now, he’s immersed himself into the world of contemporary art pushing the boundaries of design to limits few have been able to achieve. From movies to video games and even beer, Hydro74’s mind-blowing artwork can be found on so many pieces of paper, items, and other objects that it would be next to impossible to count it all. No, seriously, go to Google, type in “Hydro74”, and just spend a minute or two scrolling through the images that pop up. (Try not to get too distracted by the pieces you find absolutely enrapturing . . . which you inevitably will.)

Before Hydro74 become an accomplished artist and renowned for his incredible work, He was simply Joshua, budding teacher-in-training who was suddenly informed that his punker appearance wasn’t thought of as teacher-friendly. On a whim, Joshua started taking a few art classes in college to keep his GPA at a reasonable level. He wasn’t particularly interested, but he had a knack for doodling and could at least get by okay. It was around this time that he started taking a Visual Communications class and his future began to come into focus.

One look at Hydro74’s resume and you’ll be thinking you’re looking at a sponsor list for the Academy Awards or something bigger. Hasbro, Lucas Films, Legendary Pictures, Nike, Under Armor, Dos Equis, Captain Morgan, Rip Curl, Macy’s, Playstation, Gears of War, Microsoft, New York Times, and a whole lot more don the massive list of companies who have sought out his stellar skills. It goes without question that we can’t even begin to explain how much of an honor it is to have Hydro74 join our Visionary team. Welcome to the family, Joshua!

To learn more about Hydro74’s incredible climb to success and to see some of his work, click here. Hydro74 protects his eyes while working on his PC by wearing the GUNNAR Cypher which you can find here.

GUNNAR Partners with Gale Force eSports

We are both thrilled and honored to be able to announce today that we’ve officially partnered with Gale Force eSports.

A well-respected professional gaming organization, Gale Force has already been loyal to GUNNAR so it was an easy decision to come alongside their Heroes of the Storm team to ensure they have the proper eyewear in which to compete during the 2017 Global Championship. Already, the GFE team has been dominating in their return to competition after experiencing a few shake-ups and a retirement in 2016. It’s this will and determination to succeed that has impressed us the most, and we’re extremely excited to watch them continue their march to the finals.

We partnered with Blizzard Entertainment in 2015 in a licensing deal that saw the creation of the Heroes of the Storm Siege and Strike, as well as customized temple sleeves featuring some of the most popular Heroes from the game. Since then, we’ve carefully watched the Heroes eSports scene looking for a team that could represent both us and the Heroes of the Storm brands well. Gale Force was—and is—that team! The 2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship is already underway, and we want to publicly say to Michael “Michael Udall” Udall, Fan “Fan” Yang, Khalif “Khroen” Hashim, Jon “Equinox” Peterson, and Stefen “akaface” Anderson,, YOU GOT THIS!

A Look Back at 2016

Whew, what a year! Granted, many of you are probably saying “good riddance” to 2016, but for us, it was a momentous 365 days. From our travels around the U.S. bringing GUNNARS to various events and seeing our friends, to our incredible launches of many new styles which have all been well received, we’ve had a very exciting year. So, we figured we’d try and close it out by capturing a handful of highlights in one image that doesn’t even come close to showing everything that blew our minds. Still, we gave it the old college-try:

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, ZeRo, Pamela Horton, Swiftor, Trick, Jake Stormoen, Kitty Houseknife, Mari Takahashi—all of our Visionaries; Game Grumps, Razer, Tespa, Publish, and so many more really helped make 2016 the most amazing year in our nearly 10-year history of creating the very best computer eyewear in the entire world. As we sit here anticipating all the great things coming in 2017 (and there’s a lot on the way!), we can’t help but take a moment to look back with sincere appreciation at all of the love and support. Here’s to each one of you for being so amazing and, might we add, really, really good looking in your GUNNARS!



The eSports Phenomenon

Some people may not realize that esports has a storied history. Dating back to 1972, the first esports competition was held at Stanford University at an event called Spacewar. It was here that the esports name was coined. From there, its climb in popularity has been extremely slow. That is, of course, until recent years where esports has skyrocketed so much so that even major news and broadcast outlets have created specific divisions in order to cover this phenomenon.

This is where Blizzard comes in. They’ve led this battle with innovation, passion, and unbelievable quality. One look at any major Blizzard-run esport event and we can easily see why they are a paragon in the industry. And right alongside Blizzard is a savvy, passionate, and extremely hard-working team known as Tespa. Launched in Texas, they’ve since been taken under Blizzard’s wing in order to help bolster and develop a robust collegiate esports organization that is growing at an incredible rate. The following is a one-hour documentary about Blizzard, Tespa, and esports, and we can’t recommend watching it enough.


If that doesn’t give you what Blizzard loves to call nerd-chills, then we’re not sure anything will. All of the electric moments, the pure desire to succeed, and the absolutely passion to win cannot be ignored. GUNNAR Optiks is beyond proud to be partners with Tespa and Blizzard, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2017!

Heroes of the Dorm winners in 2015, and 2016, received Heroes of the Storm™ Siege and Strike as gifts from us for their amazing accomplishments.

GUNNAR Partners with Apparel Brand PUBLISH

What happens when you take the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of computer eyewear and team them up with Publish, a leading apparel brand? You get the new Publish Mod! Blending classic fashion with pure imagination, the Mod was designed to be casual in style with an air of sophistication. With Publish’s unique eye for art and innovation, this new frame perfectly defines their passionate desire to deliver timeless products that refine daily life.

Publish Mod options include amber lens for daily protection while in front of a digital device, and sunglass for when you’re ready to step outside with a confident flair. To learn more about the Publish Mod and to purchase a pair, click here.

GUNNAR Optiks @ TwitchCon

How do you sum up a whirlwind weekend in downtown San Diego at TwitchCon which was filled with thousands of fans and well-known personalities? Just another day at the “office” for GUNNAR! Twitch’s convention rolled out this year into our backyard and we have to say, it was pretty damn epic. Day 1, 2, and 3 were busy for our crew not just with inquiring attendees looking to protect their eyes, but also with all the Visionaries and friends who stopped by and hung out.

Who are these people? Oh, just some of our most favorite friends and supporters like Mari Takahashi and Matt Sohinki from Smosh, Pamela Horton, MissesMae, Trick2G, Bajheera and Warcraftjen, LifeWithLaughs and FrankWithLaughs, Towelliee, Lisa and Rick Malambri, Anthony Kongphan, kittyhouseknife, Hotted, Rebecca Grant, and Meg Turney just to name a few. Yeah, you can pretty much say we’re feeling the post-con blues now!

Protect your eyes with one of the most popular styles that sold out at TwitchCon: Enigma. In stock right now.

PAX West was EPIC!

When 3 AM ticked over on September 1 and we started our trek to the Pacific Northwest, we had a feeling this year’s PAX in Seattle would be pretty big. What we didn’t expect was just how epic the show would be, and it’s taken us a few days to truly wrap our heads around it. We saw an overwhelming number of people visit our booth, check out our latest styles, and each one of them kept us very busy. Even on Sunday and Monday when most events like this seem to wind down a bit, we never had more than a few minutes to take a breather or rest our feet. And you know what? It didn’t matter because we were fired up to bring you the very best in computer eyewear! Here’s a quick 30-second video highlighting our weekend at PAX West:

There’s a certain vibe in Seattle that’s hard to shake, and we’re already missing it and everyone we met. Yes, we were pretty exhausted by the time we got home, but that all changed when we started thinking about the next event we’re planning to attend. Featured at the show were our new styles, Enigma and Havok, which sold out pretty quickly. Click their names to check them out and to order up a pair for yourself! To check out some of the photos we took at the event, head over to our Facebook page and click on the PAX West album. Toss us a Like if you haven’t yet!

Much <3, PAX friends, see you at the next show!

Going Back to School with the Right Gear

Summer’s coming to a close and it’s almost time to hit the books once again. Right now, most parents are probably having to navigate through a sea of emotions as students prepare to return to school. Consequently, this also means that most who are on their way back to hallowed halls of education will be spending a lot of time on a digital device later in the day to do their homework. That is, of course, if they’re able to break away from Pokémon GO (which Consumer Reports says is already dangerous enough) long enough to concentrate. Either way, they are going to be bathed in retina-damaging blue light throughout the coming school year.


Baylor College of Medicine has now joined the fight in helping combat computer vision syndrome. In a recent article on their site, Dr. Zaina Al-Mohtaseb warns that increased use of electronic devices can lead to several problems for students trying to get their homework completed. While all the typical medical approaches were presented, you know full well it won’t be enough. That’s why GUNNAR recommends going the extra mile and getting your offspring a pair to better protect them during those days when you know they won’t follow doctor recommendations . . . which is pretty much every day.

A great pair to consider is the new Enigma which is our most affordable style. And for more information about what GUNNAR can do to protect students, click here.