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GUNNAR Teams with Globally Renowned Artist Hydro74 for Limited Edition Axial

CARLSBAD, Calif. – August 15, 2017 – GUNNAR Optiks®, the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of computer eyewear, is extremely proud to present the latest Limited Edition AXIAL designed by Hydro74. AXIAL just joined the ranks of new GUNNAR styles, and given Hydro74’s passion for contemporary art and his unique traditional style, it seemed fitting to combine his work with the frame. The Hydro74 AXIAL features a spectacularly imagined and one-of-a-kind pattern which is emblazoned on the temples, and is coupled with a befitting all-seeing eye to symbolize his visionary talent.

The Limited Edition Hydro74 AXIAL comes with patented i-AMP® lens technology which is precision-engineered to eliminate eye strain and block the harmful effects of blue light. Multi-barrel hinges and soft, comfortable temples provide ideal comfort, while its shape and curved nose rests help distribute weight perfectly. Balance, comfort, style, and now exclusive appeal all in one. There are only 300 Limited Edition pieces of the Hydro74 AXIAL available and it starts at an MSRP of $69.99.

In an effort to defy his dark past, Hydro74 applies his story and determination directly into his illustrations and designs. He chose to become rather than be defeated, and it shows in the Limited Edition Hydro74 AXIAL. GUNNAR couldn’t be more pleased and honored to feature Hydro’s incredibly unique style on the new AXIAL. Hydro74 was defined by defiance and aims to change tomorrow for the better. Now you can join him in his quest.

Limited Edition Axial Designed by Hydro74 – Defined by Defiance

GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. GUNNAR’s premium computer eyewear defends eyes against short and long-term effects of digital eye strain due to exposure to digital screens, and harmful blue light. Each of GUNNAR’s models are forged with high-strength, lightweight frame materials to provide long-lasting durability and optical stability.

GUNNAR Welcomes Hydro74 to the Family

Coming from a background of abuse and neglect, not many would have thought Joshua Smith would have amounted to much in life. Very little was set before him in order to help him to a life of success. In fact, it was almost as if hurdles were deliberately put in his way. But for Joshua, it wasn’t about being a victim and succumbing to the pressure, it was about never giving up. In what he refers to as “Defined by Defiance” and stemming from one of the darkest moments of his life, Hydro74 was borne. During a time when he could have thrown it all away, he found hope.

Fast-forward to today, and Hydro74 has since built himself up to be one of the most gifted and successful artists of our time. For 16 years now, he’s immersed himself into the world of contemporary art pushing the boundaries of design to limits few have been able to achieve. From movies to video games and even beer, Hydro74’s mind-blowing artwork can be found on so many pieces of paper, items, and other objects that it would be next to impossible to count it all. No, seriously, go to Google, type in “Hydro74”, and just spend a minute or two scrolling through the images that pop up. (Try not to get too distracted by the pieces you find absolutely enrapturing . . . which you inevitably will.)

Before Hydro74 become an accomplished artist and renowned for his incredible work, He was simply Joshua, budding teacher-in-training who was suddenly informed that his punker appearance wasn’t thought of as teacher-friendly. On a whim, Joshua started taking a few art classes in college to keep his GPA at a reasonable level. He wasn’t particularly interested, but he had a knack for doodling and could at least get by okay. It was around this time that he started taking a Visual Communications class and his future began to come into focus.

One look at Hydro74’s resume and you’ll be thinking you’re looking at a sponsor list for the Academy Awards or something bigger. Hasbro, Lucas Films, Legendary Pictures, Nike, Under Armor, Dos Equis, Captain Morgan, Rip Curl, Macy’s, Playstation, Gears of War, Microsoft, New York Times, and a whole lot more don the massive list of companies who have sought out his stellar skills. It goes without question that we can’t even begin to explain how much of an honor it is to have Hydro74 join our Visionary team. Welcome to the family, Joshua!

To learn more about Hydro74’s incredible climb to success and to see some of his work, click here. Hydro74 protects his eyes while working on his PC by wearing the GUNNAR Cypher which you can find here.

GUNNAR Partners with Gale Force eSports

We are both thrilled and honored to be able to announce today that we’ve officially partnered with Gale Force eSports.

A well-respected professional gaming organization, Gale Force has already been loyal to GUNNAR so it was an easy decision to come alongside their Heroes of the Storm team to ensure they have the proper eyewear in which to compete during the 2017 Global Championship. Already, the GFE team has been dominating in their return to competition after experiencing a few shake-ups and a retirement in 2016. It’s this will and determination to succeed that has impressed us the most, and we’re extremely excited to watch them continue their march to the finals.

We partnered with Blizzard Entertainment in 2015 in a licensing deal that saw the creation of the Heroes of the Storm Siege and Strike, as well as customized temple sleeves featuring some of the most popular Heroes from the game. Since then, we’ve carefully watched the Heroes eSports scene looking for a team that could represent both us and the Heroes of the Storm brands well. Gale Force was—and is—that team! The 2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship is already underway, and we want to publicly say to Michael “Michael Udall” Udall, Fan “Fan” Yang, Khalif “Khroen” Hashim, Jon “Equinox” Peterson, and Stefen “akaface” Anderson,, YOU GOT THIS!

GUNNAR Optiks @ TwitchCon

How do you sum up a whirlwind weekend in downtown San Diego at TwitchCon which was filled with thousands of fans and well-known personalities? Just another day at the “office” for GUNNAR! Twitch’s convention rolled out this year into our backyard and we have to say, it was pretty damn epic. Day 1, 2, and 3 were busy for our crew not just with inquiring attendees looking to protect their eyes, but also with all the Visionaries and friends who stopped by and hung out.

Who are these people? Oh, just some of our most favorite friends and supporters like Mari Takahashi and Matt Sohinki from Smosh, Pamela Horton, MissesMae, Trick2G, Bajheera and Warcraftjen, LifeWithLaughs and FrankWithLaughs, Towelliee, Lisa and Rick Malambri, Anthony Kongphan, kittyhouseknife, Hotted, Rebecca Grant, and Meg Turney just to name a few. Yeah, you can pretty much say we’re feeling the post-con blues now!

Protect your eyes with one of the most popular styles that sold out at TwitchCon: Enigma. In stock right now.