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Revolutionary Eyewear for All

Sheila Gaspers from TangoDiva.com recently picked up a pair of the GUNNAR Haus to help combat the digital eye strain she was feeling on a daily basis. And after a few weeks of testing, she found that she not only felt much better, but she also turned a few heads at the office thanks to the Haus’ “haute” styling. Her review, which was recently posted, isn’t too long but it’s certainly positive, and we genuinely appreciate her taking the time to highlight our eyewear on their website.

We receive quite a few reviews throughout the year, but what makes this one especially unique and important is that it appeals to a mostly female audience. GUNNAR Optiks wasn’t founded to just benefit gamers and males, but to help all computer users protect their eyes from computer vision syndrome. We feel features like this are worth highlighting because we’re passionate about everyone understanding the benefits of our computer glasses. Thank you, Sheila and Tango Diva!

Haus comes in three colors, Onyx, Onyx Fade, and Tortoise, in both amber and crystalline, and they’re all currently in stock.

Computer Vision Syndrome and Kids

Computer Vision Syndrome (also known as Digital Eye Strain) is affecting a growing number of children, according to Vaught Eye Associates. In an effort to help raise awareness, the eye care specialists located in South Carolina released an article encouraging parents to be more cautious when it comes to the amount of time they allow their kids to spend in front of a digital device. Due to an ever-increasing amount of usage, kids are becoming more and more susceptible to the symptoms: headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes, and other maladies. Aside from following the 20-20-20 rule (every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look at something at least 20 feet away), Dr. James Vaught takes his recommendations a step further and urges parents to limit digital device use to one or two hours a day for the youngest members of the family.


As you are well aware, the negative effects of Computer Vision Syndrome aren’t specific to kids. All of us who spend any significant amount of time in front of a computer or smart device are having our retinas pummeled with blue light. Protecting your eyes is important, and GUNNAR Optiks’ mission is to do just that. gunnar.com