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Exclusive: GUNNAR and Coke Esports Announce Partnership

We are extremely excited to announce we have partnered with Coke Esports on a collaborative special edition gaming eyewear project. Coca-Cola™ has made a large commitment to esports over the past few years, and with our patented technology, influencers around the world will receive the visual help they need. Just released with the help of the Coke Esports team, the Limited Edition Coke Esports-branded Enigma and microfiber bag have landed and are currently being given out to Coke Esports’ friends of the brand.

Coke and Esports

Coke’s involvement in esports dates back to 2013, but their first major contribution came in their sponsorship of the 2014 League of Legends World Championship. . Just last year they launched their major partnership with FIFA eWorld Cup. Coke, as you can see, is quickly becoming closely associated with esports.

Two Esports Giants Join Forces

If Coca-Cola is one of the first brands you associate with esports, GUNNAR can’t be far behind. Our relationship with the esports community is central to our mission of reducing eyestrain and the negative effects that go along with it. A partnership between Coke Esports and GUNNAR represents an exciting meeting of two giants in the esports world.

“We are very excited to partner wih Coke Esports on this exclusive ENIGMA project for true esports gaming enthusiasts,” stated Scott Sorensen, GUNNAR President. “Both of our brands share a passion for making life and your gaming experience extraordinary. Both brands accent each other; Coca Cola refreshes the body while GUNNAR glasses keep the eyes refreshed.”

The Bottom Line

The world of esports is growing at an exponential rate and for GUNNAR to have the opportunity to join forces with Coke Esports is a huge honor. Whether gamers are engaged in feverish competition or honing their skills, GUNNAR and Coke Esports will be protecting their most valuable asset: their eyes.

Join thousands of other esports enthusiasts and pros, and get on the GUNNAR Movement bandwagon with the Enigma which is in stock now.

GUNNAR Partners with eSports and Crypto Giant Unikrn

Once again, we lead the charge in advancing esports and gaming performance with a revolutionary new partnership with Unikrn, a leading esports brand in the rapidly growing esports community. From our inception 10 years ago, we were the first and original non-peripheral-based company to support and promote esports, and here we are today moving this same support on into and beyond the 21st Century.

Made official on January 11, 2018, we are extremely excited to partner with Unikrn. What makes this partnership so unique is that we will be the first company to allow UnikoinGold (UKG) to be used to make purchases on gunnar.com via the Unikrn Wallet. If you buy GUNNAR products, you’ll also earn a UKG kickback when you sign up for Unikrn’s Connekt platform. GUNNAR products will be earnable via Unikrn’s jackpots, which users can enter for free after earning UKG just for playing the games they love. UnikoinGold is owned in over 200 countries, traded on major crypto exchanges around the world, and widely used on their own Unikrn platform.

From Unikrn CEO, Rahul Sood, “This is the first Unikrn Wallet partnership we’ve completed, and GUNNAR Optiks are once again ahead of the game. As one of the OGs in esports, it’s nice that GUNNAR recognizes Unikrn’s explosive growth and global reach. By integrating the cutting edge Unikrn Wallet Blockchain, GUNNAR may accept UnikoinGold from virtually anywhere, seamlessly and effortlessly. Just awesome!”

For those of you unfamiliar with Unikrn, they are like Disneyland for esports. Since launch, Unikrn has established itself as a leading esports brand that’s been woven into the fabric of the rapidly growing esports community. Their global product portfolio and contributions include the Unikrn wagering platform, esports team ownership, tournament series, multiple original content platforms, sponsored community creators, and a group that works with casinos to attract modern gaming audiences. Unikrn raised venture capital from Mark Cuban, Shari Redstone, Elisabeth Murdoch, Ashton Kutcher, Guy O’Seary, and many others including a leading investor well-known for early investment into Snapchat and the partners with similar track records in a variety of Silicon Valley successes, including Twitter and Instagram. Unikrn recently sold over 127,000,000 of their UnikoinGold tokens in what was the largest token sale in esports and gaming history.

“This partnership with Unikrn marks a new era in ecommerce, technology, and gaming for GUNNAR,” stated Scott Sorensen, GUNNAR President, “We have supported gaming and esports for a decade now and this partnership will allow us to take our support to the next level. We are very excited to partner with visionaries such as the Unikrn team because both of our brands share a passion for making your gaming experience extraordinary.”

You can find out more about Unikrn here and here. And before you dive into watching their content and esports teams, be sure your eyes are protected! We have several styles available right now.

GUNNAR Partners with Gale Force eSports

We are both thrilled and honored to be able to announce today that we’ve officially partnered with Gale Force eSports.

A well-respected professional gaming organization, Gale Force has already been loyal to GUNNAR so it was an easy decision to come alongside their Heroes of the Storm team to ensure they have the proper eyewear in which to compete during the 2017 Global Championship. Already, the GFE team has been dominating in their return to competition after experiencing a few shake-ups and a retirement in 2016. It’s this will and determination to succeed that has impressed us the most, and we’re extremely excited to watch them continue their march to the finals.

We partnered with Blizzard Entertainment in 2015 in a licensing deal that saw the creation of the Heroes of the Storm Siege and Strike, as well as customized temple sleeves featuring some of the most popular Heroes from the game. Since then, we’ve carefully watched the Heroes eSports scene looking for a team that could represent both us and the Heroes of the Storm brands well. Gale Force was—and is—that team! The 2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship is already underway, and we want to publicly say to Michael “Michael Udall” Udall, Fan “Fan” Yang, Khalif “Khroen” Hashim, Jon “Equinox” Peterson, and Stefen “akaface” Anderson,, YOU GOT THIS!

A Look Back at 2016

Whew, what a year! Granted, many of you are probably saying “good riddance” to 2016, but for us, it was a momentous 365 days. From our travels around the U.S. bringing GUNNARS to various events and seeing our friends, to our incredible launches of many new styles which have all been well received, we’ve had a very exciting year. So, we figured we’d try and close it out by capturing a handful of highlights in one image that doesn’t even come close to showing everything that blew our minds. Still, we gave it the old college-try:

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, ZeRo, Pamela Horton, Swiftor, Trick, Jake Stormoen, Kitty Houseknife, Mari Takahashi—all of our Visionaries; Game Grumps, Razer, Tespa, Publish, and so many more really helped make 2016 the most amazing year in our nearly 10-year history of creating the very best computer eyewear in the entire world. As we sit here anticipating all the great things coming in 2017 (and there’s a lot on the way!), we can’t help but take a moment to look back with sincere appreciation at all of the love and support. Here’s to each one of you for being so amazing and, might we add, really, really good looking in your GUNNARS!



The eSports Phenomenon

Some people may not realize that esports has a storied history. Dating back to 1972, the first esports competition was held at Stanford University at an event called Spacewar. It was here that the esports name was coined. From there, its climb in popularity has been extremely slow. That is, of course, until recent years where esports has skyrocketed so much so that even major news and broadcast outlets have created specific divisions in order to cover this phenomenon.

This is where Blizzard comes in. They’ve led this battle with innovation, passion, and unbelievable quality. One look at any major Blizzard-run esport event and we can easily see why they are a paragon in the industry. And right alongside Blizzard is a savvy, passionate, and extremely hard-working team known as Tespa. Launched in Texas, they’ve since been taken under Blizzard’s wing in order to help bolster and develop a robust collegiate esports organization that is growing at an incredible rate. The following is a one-hour documentary about Blizzard, Tespa, and esports, and we can’t recommend watching it enough.


If that doesn’t give you what Blizzard loves to call nerd-chills, then we’re not sure anything will. All of the electric moments, the pure desire to succeed, and the absolutely passion to win cannot be ignored. GUNNAR Optiks is beyond proud to be partners with Tespa and Blizzard, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2017!

Heroes of the Dorm winners in 2015, and 2016, received Heroes of the Storm™ Siege and Strike as gifts from us for their amazing accomplishments.

GUNNAR Partners with Apparel Brand PUBLISH

What happens when you take the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of computer eyewear and team them up with Publish, a leading apparel brand? You get the new Publish Mod! Blending classic fashion with pure imagination, the Mod was designed to be casual in style with an air of sophistication. With Publish’s unique eye for art and innovation, this new frame perfectly defines their passionate desire to deliver timeless products that refine daily life.

Publish Mod options include amber lens for daily protection while in front of a digital device, and sunglass for when you’re ready to step outside with a confident flair. To learn more about the Publish Mod and to purchase a pair, click here.

BlizzCon 2016 is Almost Here!

The most epic event all year for Blizzard fans around the world is almost here! BlizzCon has notoriously sold-out at record speed as thousands upon thousands of hopefuls virtually lining up in order to get their literal hands on tickets. The two-day event covers all things StarCraft, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch sparking an impressive amount of passion from attendees and world-wide viewers. What’s more, some of the most exciting esports competitions go on display taking place on jaw-droppingly gorgeous stages.

GUNNAR is proud to be involved in this year’s event through our renewed partnership with Tespa. They are the premiere collegiate esports organization and we couldn’t be more excited to keep our relationship going. And what makes this team so amazing is how dedicated they are to promoting connections among enthusiastic gamers at the college level. For more information about BlizzCon, click here, and we hope to see many of you at the show in Anaheim on November 7 and 8!

Get geared for the event by checking out our Heroes of the Storm frames, Siege and Strike, as well as our Heroes temple sleeves all in stock now on gunnar.com.

GUNNAR Optiks @ TwitchCon

How do you sum up a whirlwind weekend in downtown San Diego at TwitchCon which was filled with thousands of fans and well-known personalities? Just another day at the “office” for GUNNAR! Twitch’s convention rolled out this year into our backyard and we have to say, it was pretty damn epic. Day 1, 2, and 3 were busy for our crew not just with inquiring attendees looking to protect their eyes, but also with all the Visionaries and friends who stopped by and hung out.

Who are these people? Oh, just some of our most favorite friends and supporters like Mari Takahashi and Matt Sohinki from Smosh, Pamela Horton, MissesMae, Trick2G, Bajheera and Warcraftjen, LifeWithLaughs and FrankWithLaughs, Towelliee, Lisa and Rick Malambri, Anthony Kongphan, kittyhouseknife, Hotted, Rebecca Grant, and Meg Turney just to name a few. Yeah, you can pretty much say we’re feeling the post-con blues now!

Protect your eyes with one of the most popular styles that sold out at TwitchCon: Enigma. In stock right now.

PAX West was EPIC!

When 3 AM ticked over on September 1 and we started our trek to the Pacific Northwest, we had a feeling this year’s PAX in Seattle would be pretty big. What we didn’t expect was just how epic the show would be, and it’s taken us a few days to truly wrap our heads around it. We saw an overwhelming number of people visit our booth, check out our latest styles, and each one of them kept us very busy. Even on Sunday and Monday when most events like this seem to wind down a bit, we never had more than a few minutes to take a breather or rest our feet. And you know what? It didn’t matter because we were fired up to bring you the very best in computer eyewear! Here’s a quick 30-second video highlighting our weekend at PAX West:

There’s a certain vibe in Seattle that’s hard to shake, and we’re already missing it and everyone we met. Yes, we were pretty exhausted by the time we got home, but that all changed when we started thinking about the next event we’re planning to attend. Featured at the show were our new styles, Enigma and Havok, which sold out pretty quickly. Click their names to check them out and to order up a pair for yourself! To check out some of the photos we took at the event, head over to our Facebook page and click on the PAX West album. Toss us a Like if you haven’t yet!

Much <3, PAX friends, see you at the next show!

Exhaustion: A Modern Problem?

An article published by The Week asserts that “modern burnout,” does not exist. Their method for supporting this idea is a review of historical diagnoses and approaches to exhaustion. If exhaustion has always existed, then surely our modern exhaustion simply stands as one among many.

Historical Theories of Health and Exhaustion

The Greeks focused on balances of “humors” in the body, based on Hippocrates’ theory. These humors explained most illnesses, and particularly those with psychological effects. Depression, exhaustion, anxiety, and so on all found their cause in an unbalance of humors. This theory essentially looks at the effects of the whole body on each part of it. Such a holistic approach can be healthy, but does not always capture the problem.

In the West, the theory of humors has been substantially discarded. In the eastern world, however, some still emphasize other holistic approaches, without the focus on “humors.” Diet, exercise, and overall bodily health all play into such theories of health. They subscribe such treatments for disorders like exhaustion.

Later, in the west, a focus on “nerves,” replaced the more holistic views. This view came from the teachings of psychologists and other scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries. The idea had to do with the relation of the nervous system mental health. The treatments for such diagnoses included various forms of therapy, including shock therapy.

Contemporary Views of the Issue

This theory eventually gave way to more contemporary views that “burn out,” or exhaustion was a modern phenomenon. The reason was our cosmopolitan lifestyle. Constantly connected, exposed to electricity, surrounded by cars and people. The nature of our world had changed such that our modern exhaustion, while comparable to the past, simply was not the same.

The article essentially holds that exhaustion has always been the same, sources of it have indeed differed. Most fundamentally, understandings of exhaustion have shifted over time. The conclusion is that we still don’t know enough about exhaustion to adequately theorize a “solution,” such as those proposed in the past. Several treatments still exist, but exhaustion remains a universal problem, throughout history, and today.

Treating What We Can

While we cannot treat exhaustion universally, some causes of exhaustion are known, and need treatment. We’ve settled firmly into a new digital era. Exhaustion can no longer be seen as simply an emotional or psychological disorder. Rather, we must work with the knowledge we have about the effect of technology on us.

The majority of people in the developed world find themselves staring at screens more and more each day. The blue light from the screens negatively impacts sleep cycle, thus contributing to exhaustion generally. Digital eye strain is no joke, it’s very real. As more and more people are afflicted, it’s our goal to continue to help raise awareness.

The modern problem of digital eye strain and its connection to exhaustion requires modern solutions. The bottom line: GUNNAR can help. Get more information today about digital eye strain. And don’t forget to protect your eyes when you are stuck looking at a screen. Check out our two latest styles of blue light blocking eyewear, Enigma and Havok.

Going Back to School with the Right Gear

Summer’s coming to a close and it’s almost time to hit the books once again. Right now, most parents are probably having to navigate through a sea of emotions as students prepare to return to school. Consequently, this also means that most who are on their way back to hallowed halls of education will be spending a lot of time on a digital device later in the day to do their homework. That is, of course, if they’re able to break away from Pokémon GO (which Consumer Reports says is already dangerous enough) long enough to concentrate. Either way, they are going to be bathed in retina-damaging blue light throughout the coming school year.


Baylor College of Medicine has now joined the fight in helping combat computer vision syndrome. In a recent article on their site, Dr. Zaina Al-Mohtaseb warns that increased use of electronic devices can lead to several problems for students trying to get their homework completed. While all the typical medical approaches were presented, you know full well it won’t be enough. That’s why GUNNAR recommends going the extra mile and getting your offspring a pair to better protect them during those days when you know they won’t follow doctor recommendations . . . which is pretty much every day.

A great pair to consider is the new Enigma which is our most affordable style. And for more information about what GUNNAR can do to protect students, click here.

GUNNAR Introduces Two New Styles: Enigma and Havok!

We’re beyond stoked to introduce you to two new styles for Fall; ENIGMA and HAVOK. Both styles are armed with GUNNAR’s patented i-AMP® lens technology that is precision-engineered to eliminate eye strain and block the harmful effects of artificial blue light.


Inspired by the world of espionage, ENIGMA combines lightweight comfort with a tech design that provides incredible peripheral viewing. This new frame is equipped with tech features like multi-barrel hinges anchored into injected molded temples, even weight distribution nose rests, and engineering grade frame polymers. The ENIGMA joins our elite list of styles that appeal to serious computer users, including clandestine operatives.

[button color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” url=”https://gunnar.com/product/enigma/” text=”SHOP NOW” color_override=””]



From hackers to security engineers, code slingers to number crunchers, the HAVOK is the one tool in this cyber driven world that is a must-have. Its key features include wide format lenses that provide an unobstructed view, a rich acetate front frame fixed to high tensile stainless-steel temples, and adjustable silicone nose pads which offer customizable comfort. Working with 1s and 0s can be incredibly complex, and the best-of-the-best are who inspired this modern new style. The Havok, a precision tool for those who either do their work from the office, or deep in the shadows of the matrix.

[button color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” url=”https://gunnar.com/product/havok/” text=”SHOP NOW” color_override=””]


Blue Light Harms Mental Health, New Study Shows

Debates rage in science across various subjects and disciplines. One area in which a general consensus exists, however, is the question of the negative effects of artificial blue light. The extent of the effects, the long term implications, and so on produces some disagreement. That being said, scientists tend to agree that blue light causes harm.

blog body image
The New GUNNAR Trooper


Blue Light and the Brain

As new studies constantly appear on the subject of blue light, new insights begin to unfold. For example, we generally think that people isolate themselves, and overuse technology because of mental illness. A new study suggests, however, that this conventional idea might not tell the whole story. A new article in Newsweek summarizes the results of a recent small study  by Dr. Tone Henriksen from the University of Bergen. Dr. Henriksen observed 23 patients with Bipolar disorder. He gave 12 of the subjects blue light blocking eyewear, and changed nothing else about their lives.

As the idea above states, those who feel mentally unwell often seek refuge in technology. These subjects, both with and without the glasses, were no different. The 12 subjects who wore the amber-tinted glasses showed significant improvement after only one week. The scale on which such patients are measure is called the “Young Mania Rating Scale.” The scale measures manic behavior at a range of 0-60. Those who wore the glasses rated, on average, 14 points lower on the scale than those without after only one week of wearing the glasses.

What Does it Mean?

From this study we can see a few things.

  1. While It’s true that mental illness causes an uptick in technology use, technology uses also causes an uptick in mental illness.

No definitive statements of this kind are made in the study, but it follows from the result. Those who used technology without any protection from blue light, on average, felt less mentally well than those who wore protection.

  1. Blue light effects more than we previously thought.

Not only does blue light disrupt sleep cycle, but it appears to harm the mind directly. Whatever the reason for the result of this study, avoiding blue light can only redound to your benefit.

  1. Blue light blocking eyewear works.

This result of the study surprised no one over here at GUNNAR. We’ve known for years the power of blue light blocking technology. Our BLPF in our patented lens technology is the best out there.

Moving Forward

The 14 point difference more than doubles what doctors consider to be a “clinically significant difference.” As one researcher and psychiatrist put it, these were “knock-your-socks off results!” The research shows the negative effects of light—specifically blue light—have increased. Furthermore, the research shows how important it is to protect yourself.

Our goal is to protect you from the effects of digital eye strain. After reading this study, we’re honored by the thought that our eyewear could potentially benefit people who suffer from bipolar and other disorders. Whether you suffer from these disorders or not, our products will help you. Everyone deserves protection from the negative effects of blue light.  Learn more today about what exactly we do.


Overwatch – Rise of the Next Great eSport

Blizzard has been predictably silent when it comes to officially announcing plans for Overwatch eSports. That, however, hasn’t stopped the eSports community at-large from prepping for what’s likely going to be an extremely popular competitive game to watch. Sure, small, unsanctioned tournaments have been popping up quite a bit, but what most are anxious to see is how exactly Blizzard plans to handle Overwatch. There’s a lot to consider, too, so it’s not much of a shock that we haven’t heard anything just yet. According to BlizzCon.com, there are currently no plans for Overwatch to be part of the eSports content for this year, though it would be hard to believe Blizzard isn’t at least considering some kind of an invitational given the apparently lack of new “news” for them to share.

blog body image-1

Regardless of what Blizzard plans to do, the one thing we do know is that the community and players are anxious to see it come together. In preparation for Overwatch finally joining other games at tournaments, some of the largest, most successful eSports organizations have already formed teams. EnVyUs, Cloud9, and Liquid are just a few to name who have put together what they hope will be a winning collection of players who are poised to swarm the eSports scene once Overwatch is officially inaugurated. The anticipation is so high, even ESPN has begun publishing a series of articles analyzing the meta game providing readers with guides to each available hero. The first focuses on offensive characters, and it appears there’s more to come on a weekly basis.


Our take on Overwatch eSports? Make it happen, Blizzard! And we know you’ll do it right. In the meantime, channel your very best inner Tracer with a pair of GUNNARS that are as electric and popular as the character: Intercept.

Can’t Sleep? Blame the Light!

The artificial light, that is.

It’s no mystery that our world is bathed in fluorescent and LED lighting, so it comes as no surprise that sleep, for many, is being disrupted. It’s gotten so bad, even Lifehacker has jumped into the fray to talk about it, and their article stems from a recent study done by scientists at Oxford University. You see (pun mildly unintended), natural blue light is what drives our circadian rhythm (the system that tells us when to wake, and when to feel sleepy) to function, and if there were no such thing as artificial light, we wouldn’t be here writing about this. However, unprotected eyes staring at screens are flooded with blue light causing eyes to flood the brain with what’s called melanopsin.

Blame the Light body image

We don’t want to bore you—you can easily Google melanopsin to read about the science ad nauseam all you want. Simply put, artificial blue light messes with your head thus disrupting your sleep, and damaging the quality of what little sleep you may end up getting. If you can’t just turn it off, then you need a pair of GUNNARS protecting your eyes.

If you’re new to our brand, why not pick up a pair of one of the most popular styles we carry: Intercept.

Protecting Your Eyes in More Than One Way

Not long ago, we shared some pretty interesting statistics and information about Computer Vision Syndrome (digital eye strain), and how it’s a global condition. Since then, there have been some people who have asked us to better explain what we do. While the information has been readily available on our website, perhaps it’s time to simplify it a bit.

First, let’s make sure you fully understand Computer Vision Syndrome. Lifehacker recently posted a report directly related to a new infographic published by WhatisDryEye.com which revealed upwards of 25 million Americans suffer from symptoms of dry eye. We bring this up because CVS isn’t just about blue light and damaged retinas, but more on this a bit later. Let’s get back to the basics.

What you see above are two graphs showing visible light spectrums. On the left, you have the wavelengths you receive from the sun. On the right, you have the wavelengths you receive from an artificial source, and that massive spike of blue light at 450 nanometers is the one that has medical experts and researchers very, very concerned. Why? Because blue light is the only wavelength that penetrates your cornea and directly hits your retina. As we’ve pointed out before (such as here, here, and here), this can lead to a lot of negative effects and can damage your eyes—in extreme cases, permanently.

You’re heard us throw around the whole “patented lens technology” thing before, and the graphs you see above are why we say that. Notice something similar about the red line in the left graph when compared to the natural light graph further up? Yup, that’s right! It follows the same line as the natural light spectrum almost exactly. In the graph on the right, we tried to overlay both of the top graphs together so you can see what we mean. Now, we could easily block more blue light, but we purposefully block 65% of artificial blue light because that’s about the same level of blue light you receive from natural light which is good for your body and brain. Not only that, but we provide this coverage across the 400-450 nanometer spectrum because that’s the most damaging. Pretty cool, right?

These final two graphs tell the moral of the story (which is something else we repeatedly say): GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. And now you know—actually, now you can see why.

If you’d like to learn more, we delve into greater details on our website here. If you’re looking to protect your eyes so you can work and play harder and longer, purchase your very own pair of the new Cypher or Trooper.

Computer Vision Syndrome: A Global Condition

It’s no mystery that digital eyestrain—also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS)—is a real condition that many of us experience. In the past year alone, dozens of new reports and studies have shown that prolonged exposure to blue light, and increased use of digital devices, have led to a proliferating amount of individuals seeking medical help for complications. Age and occupation are completely meaningless, too; we are a wired generation and as we spend more time staring at multiple screens throughout the day, we are all susceptible to the symptoms.

CVS Global body

The growing amount of concern is so great, even the New York Times has jumped onto the CVS bandwagon. Citing recent studies done in both Africa and Iran, the NYT shared some pretty startling figures. First, upwards of 70 million workers around the world are at risk for CVS. Second, and if a study of pre-university students is any indication, most of us do not have a proper set up for using a computer that would be considered ergonomically correct.

There is quite a lot more information in the Times post so be sure to click the link above and check it out. The bottom line? It all starts with your eyes. You can’t be on a digital device for hours on end without them. And with a pair of GUNNARS in between you and the many sources of artificial blue light bombarding your retinas, you’re taking the best, doctor-recommended first step towards relief from CVS. Protect your eyes! End the pain of eyestrain by grabbing a pair of GUNNARS today.

Shop: Cypher, Trooper, PPK, Intercept, Heroes of the Storm™ Siege & Strike, and much more.

Can Blue Light Alter Your Metabolism and Affect Your Weight?

According to a recent Northwestern University study, it can. During their research into the effects of artificial blue light on humans, metabolism, insulin levels, and glucose levels were shown to be negatively affected. Their study, which was published last week, showed that blue light manipulates metabolic regulation, and can lead to weight gain and potentially increase risk of diabetes. These are not good outcomes. The N.U. study was led by graduate student, Ivy Cheung, and included 19 adults who were subjected to varying levels of artificial light during the morning and evening, while blood levels were measured at regular intervals. In the end, researchers showed that while natural blue light in the morning can have a positive effect on metabolic regulation, in the evening, both natural and especially artificial blue light can have a negative effect on metabolism, insulin resistance, and glucose levels. The study has since been featured on various websites such as Science World Report and Tech Times.


As more and more information is exposed through scientific research, it’s increasingly clear that protecting your eyes and yourself has never been more important. Many of us are anchored to a digital device throughout the day and on into the evening, so having a pair of GUNNARS to help shield you from harmful blue light is a must. In fact, with our two new styles, Cypher and Trooper, now on gunnar.com, the choices available are even better. Now’s the time to end the pain of eyestrain, and apparently, weight gain.

Shop: Cypher, Trooper

The Gaming of Concussions

Brooke Benton is an extraordinary young woman. Simply put, she excels at pretty much anything she puts her mind to. That’s why her story is both unique and heartwarming, and was recently posted on the Lakeland, Florida website, TheLedger.com. Five years ago, Brooke was passionately diving to block a soccer ball from entering the goal. Unfortunately, the ball ricocheted off the goalpost hitting her directly in the head, causing her to suffer a mild concussion. As fate would have it, a week later while Brooke was recovering, she was inadvertently hit in the head again, this time by a wayward softball. She was the victim of a concussion on top of a concussion.

During her long recovery from these incidents, Brooke began experiencing what doctors refer to as Postconcussion Syndrome. Symptoms of this affliction include headaches, vertigo, difficulty concentrating, amnesia, light sensitivity, and even depression among other issues. On a whim, Brooke’s high school athletic trainer, Sue Stanley-Green, recommended she try wearing a pair of GUNNARS. Sue had recently stumbled upon our website where she found herself engrossed in the science behind our technology, and figured Brooke could potentially benefit, or at the very least, experience some relief. So, at the end of her rope, Brooke picked up a pair.

blog body image

Not long after wearing her GUNNARS, Brooke was encouraged by her science teacher to do a study. She went on to create a rating system recording how she felt while wearing and not wearing her glasses. Brooke then turned the results over to Sue who also works as a program director and associate professor at Florida Southern College. Sue then teamed up with professor of athletic training, Dr. Mick Lynch, where they expounded on Brooke’s findings. This led to a final study which has since been posted both in the Journal of Athletic Training, and on the National Institutes of Health’s website.

As incredibly interesting as these findings are, it would take a while to repost the results here so just follow the links above to read more about the research. Besides, this is a story about Brooke, and it certainly has a happy ending. After her recovery, she was finally cleared to return to playing softball. Despite a grueling regimen of retraining with her coach, Brooke started all 4 years in high school, and was an integral member of the team in their back-to-back state championships.

Introducing Two New Styles: Cypher & Trooper!

GUNNAR is proud to release two new styles called Cypher and Trooper which are now available for purchase. Both frames encapsulate distinct GUNNAR DNA, while evolving tech computer eyewear to the next level.

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Designed to hack all traditional eyewear standards, Cypher merges classic, traditional styling with infused high-tech modern elements. Formulated with precision designed frame materials and ultra-thin temples to create superior stability, the Cypher is the perfect asset for performing all of your complex decryptions.

Channeling a deep appreciation for professionals in the information technology, programming, engineering, and hacking industries, GUNNAR set out to create a new look that would appeal to them as well as a wide variety of digital device users. The Cypher is a medium to large fit frame so it will sit comfortably on the faces of nearly everyone who owns a pair. It blends a strong sense of class and nostalgia while maintaining a distinct futuristic flare.

Cypher – Engineered to Take You Further


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A brand new performance style engineered for advanced operations, and perfect for gamers who desire unobstructed peripherals while battling on their screens. The Trooper is tactically designed with modern, sleek lines, ultra-slim temples, and a large lens viewing area.

From Call of Duty® to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch®, first-person shooter fans — and all gamers in general — will truly appreciate the attention to detail and style. This is the tactical frame you’ve been waiting for, and with our patented technology on board, you will feel the performance advantage.

Designed for Domination – Essential for Victory