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Computer Vision Syndrome: A Global Condition

It’s no mystery that digital eyestrain—also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS)—is a real condition that many of us experience. In the past year alone, dozens of new reports and studies have shown that prolonged exposure to blue light, and increased use of digital devices, have led to a proliferating amount of individuals seeking medical help for complications. Age and occupation are completely meaningless, too; we are a wired generation and as we spend more time staring at multiple screens throughout the day, we are all susceptible to the symptoms.

CVS Global body

The growing amount of concern is so great, even the New York Times has jumped onto the CVS bandwagon. Citing recent studies done in both Africa and Iran, the NYT shared some pretty startling figures. First, upwards of 70 million workers around the world are at risk for CVS. Second, and if a study of pre-university students is any indication, most of us do not have a proper set up for using a computer that would be considered ergonomically correct.

There is quite a lot more information in the Times post so be sure to click the link above and check it out. The bottom line? It all starts with your eyes. You can’t be on a digital device for hours on end without them. And with a pair of GUNNARS in between you and the many sources of artificial blue light bombarding your retinas, you’re taking the best, doctor-recommended first step towards relief from CVS. Protect your eyes! End the pain of eyestrain by grabbing a pair of GUNNARS today.

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