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Digital Device Use on the Rise

A recent publication by The Vision Council has found that the number of digital device users has increased from 45% of American adults in 2012, to nearly 70% in 2015. The appeal of having nearly everything at your fingertips has helped advance the digital age at an almost alarming rate. We say almost because for the most part, folks who use digital devices are either getting work done, being entertained, or any other benign reason you can think of. Adversely, it is potentially alarming because this means more folks are potentially experiencing digital eye strain.
digital device use chartSymptoms of DES can include eye fatigue, blurriness, red or irritated eyes, dry eye, and even neck pain as well as headaches. This is where GUNNAR Optiks can truly help. With our patented design and lens filters, we’re able to help relieve you of DES symptoms, and help you perform longer and better no matter what you’re doing. Reading, preparing a presentation, doing homework, or just kicking back and playing game, GUNNAR is the only brand on the market that’s doctor recommended, and we stand behind the quality of our products. You’re welcome to learn about all the details of what our eyewear can do for you here.