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Exhaustion: Then and Now

There’s an interesting and storied history of people being exhausted. We all know we have had our own days, but in a very interesting (albeit long) read, The Week has published an article that takes a look back at how society has diagnosed and approached the subject.

It’s interesting to see how different generations handled exhaustion. Regardless of how crazy some of those periods were, it’s clear feeling burned out isn’t a new thing. Now, however, we’re firmly into a new digital era where exhaustion has moved away from just being emotional or physical, to now affecting the many millions of us who spend the majority of our days staring at a screen. Digital eye strain is no joke, it’s very real (yo!), and as more and more people are afflicted, it’s our goal to continue to help spread the news. The bottom line: GUNNAR can help!

For more information about digital eye strain, click here. Now’s a good time to get protected, too! Check out our two latest styles, Enigma and Havok.