GUNNAR, eSports, and Your Eyes

GUNNAR, eSports, and Your Eyes

GUNNAR has long been a staple with eSports professionals, as our Community and Communications Manager Chad Wingerd said during his interview with [a]listdaily. Passionate support from gamers and the eSports community was pretty much what helped get our company off the ground, and we’re truly honored to have such a loyal following. Their many hours in front of a screen honing their skills and wrestling with digital eye-strain led some of the biggest names in eSports to don our glasses, and thus our connection was borne.


It’s our goal to continue to design and manufacture the very best glasses for computer users on the market not just for gamers, but for anyone who regularly uses an electronic device. Everything with a screen emits high-intensity blue light which a growing number of studies have shown extended exposure can negative affect your health, and your sleep. It’s important to us to maintain our relationship with the gaming community. And while we’re at it, we’re also reaching out to IT professionals, hackers, healthcare professionals, and folks who suffer from sleep disorders, dyslexia, and even past concussions. Eyes are the common denominator between us all, and protecting them is job #1 for GUNNAR Optiks.

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