J. Wilson

Hello! I just want to let you know that my husband, Mike, and I had never heard of Gunnar Optiks until a couple of weeks ago. A friend of ours let us borrow a pair of his glasses and we don’t want to give them back!! My husband is a web designer and I am a budding photographer, so we work on our computers all day long. My husband has tested them out more than I have, but since using the glasses for only 2 weeks, he has NOT had a headache! These things are amazing!! We must say, we are VERY impressed and OBSESSED!! Thank you for creating such a FANTASTIC product!

  • Quinn
    Posted at 09:30h, 06 August Reply

    Hello. I get frequent, severe migraines as well. In one of my work environments, simply walking in would trigger a migraine due to the lighting and low ceilings. Since trying Gunnar glasses, I do still get migraines from other triggers, but I have been getting many, many less. It used to be at least three a week (some lasting a few days, meaning that I had headaches far more often than not), and now it is down to about one a week, and sometimes one every two weeks.

    While sound and other triggers still affect me, I can now work at my second job without the crippling pain that was everpresent, and I enjoy a higher quality of life overall. I wear them as regular glasses, so I simply put them on in the morning and take them off before bed.

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