Look, Ma, We Were on TV!

Look, Ma, We Were on TV!

Highly renowned and respected ophthalmologist, Dr. Christopher Starr, dropped by the CBS This Morning show last week to explain the importance of protecting your eyes. Most of the information he shared was stuff you’re already familiar with from our previous posts, but it was great to see more exposure of what is a growing problem in the United States. And now that digital eye strain is the #1 work-related injury for daily computer users, having more information out there is a good thing. Imagine our surprise, though, when CBS decided to refer to GUNNAR Optiks in their graphical information! Check it out:

We suppose this nationwide exposure means we can kick up our feet and cruise down easy street, but that’s not possible for two reasons: One, we’re way too determined to save eyes so there’s no way we’re going to slow down; and two, we have some pretty amazing things already planned to take us well into 2017 which will blow your minds. No stopping now!

If you’re interested in saving your eyes (which you should be), check out our two new styles, Enigma and Havok.

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