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Alias: n0thing

Professional Gamer

Gaming ID: BNet – n0thing#1273

Where are you from?

San Diego, California

Where do you currently live?

San Diego, California

Greatest accomplishment?

As a team, winning my first international LAN in Beijing competing in Counter-Strike 1.6. As an individual, winning North American e-Sports player of the year in 2008.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Running through a Hilton lobby, naked. (Lost a bet.)


I grew up in San Diego, California with two older brothers and my parents together. My mom decided to home school my brothers and I, so we took to various activities as we grew up. All three of us played sports such as baseball and ice hockey, but it wasn’t until counter-strike that I truly found my niche.

My oldest brother Jacob initially got me into it, then I took it farther then he ever dreamed. After showing me my first LAN center at age 11, I continued attending LAN centers until I went pro(and way after my brother stopped playing). My first pro contract was with Evil Geniuses and began January, 2008. That was in CS 1.6, and now I’m competing in CS:GO currently for Team Cloud9!

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