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Christina House

Alias: kittyhouseknife

Scientist, Streamer, Pizza Enthusiast

Where are you from?

Buffalo, New York

Where do you currently live?

Washington, D.C.

Greatest accomplishment?

Graduated with a degree in Biochemistry.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Danced on top of a table at a bar in Germany singing “Freebird” at the top of my lungs.


I’ve never let gender stereotypes stop me from anything. Crazy right? I grew up with my brother who is close in age, and ‘normal’ for me was doing everything that he did. Wrestling, gaming, and even boy scouts. I got my first microscope when I was 5, and my entire life I knew I wanted to be a scientist. My days as a child consisted of wandering the neighborhood with my notebook, making observations, and collecting samples to analyze.

In my spare time, when I wasn’t devising how I could save the world from extinction or find a cure for the plague, I was playing video games. See, I was very competitive with my brother but, since I was the younger sibling, I always had to be Player 2. Which actually turned out great for me since characters like Yoshi were always my favorite! Fast forward 20 something years and I have been a professional in the science field for several years, and have found a nice little niche on Twitch as a streamer.
I have managed to meet so many amazing people through my gaming, and the amount of support that I receive from my friends (call them followers if you must) is incomparable to anything I have felt in my life. Gaming is an escape from reality, somewhere you can be anyone you want to be. Maybe one day you want to be a badass orc fighting your way through dungeons and maybe the next day you want to be a fluffy bear in tiny yellow shorts carrying around a bird in your backpack.

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