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Matthew Evans

Alias: add1ct3dd

Professional Drone Racing Pilot

Where are you from?

Worcester, United Kingdom

Where do you currently live?

Worcester, United Kingdom

Greatest accomplishment?

Taking 2nd place throughout The Queens Cup event, qualifying for the World Championship’s in Hawaii. The only UK pilot in the Drone Racing League 2017 Season.


Matt is making a name for himself and is widely recognised in the new and upcoming sport of Drone Racing. With an overall finish of 2nd in the UK in 2016, there is just one place left for him to try and take in 2017. Starting his passion into remote-control aircraft 12 years ago, he discovered drones and drone racing 2 years ago and has been flying them ever since. The rest of his time is spent gaming, 3d modelling & printing, and trying to push new boundaries with drones and their technology. He also runs a popular blog containing event writeups, product reviews and tutorials that are enjoyed by many throughout the world as the scene develops and evolves.

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