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Scott Scheferman

Alias: highsage (aka shagghie)


Where are you from?

Southern California

Where do you currently live?

Houston, TX

Greatest accomplishment?

Other than my daughter? Ending up on vinyl in Detroit (Detroit Underground), Berlin (AC Records), and Amsterdam (NightTripper).

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Won the first ever DefCon Badge Hacking contest without even knowing there was a contest going on. Turned my badge into a random event generator for an analogue synth after a quick trip to Fry’s.


Everything to the extreme! From racing cars, to performing live analog techno acts, to hacking the planet at DefCon and B-Sides, to raising a family and creating a career doing things that movies and news headlines are made of when it comes to what they call “cyber” these days. I have hacked my hobbies. From techno, to subtractive synthesis and instrument design, to having one of the craziest (and quickest) Abarth 500’s on the planet, to even my career, it’s all been approached with a hacker’s mindset, persistence, curiosity, and willingness to break all the rules.
Currently working with a team of A.I. scientists and hackers to completely and utterly take back the battle-space known as “the endpoint” by leveraging machine learning, big data, and A.I. to deploy low-resource agents able to predict and prevent any malicious execution on the stack to a 99.999% level of efficacy. Just a few algorithms have turned the world of cyber warfare upside down, and we are just getting started! The rest of my bio will be filled in later by the machines . . .

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