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Alias: LifeWithLaughs

Internet Personality

Where are you from?

Born in Pakistan, grew up in Florida.

Where do you currently live?

Living in Palo Alto, CA with my husband and soulmate, Frank.

Greatest accomplishment?

Standing up for what I believe in and pursuing my dreams instead of the ones that others forced upon me.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I had the idea of baking a cake on stream for charity, and gravely misjudged the generosity of the Twitch community. What I thought would be a 3 layer cake turned into a 14-hour+ and an 11-layer behemoth of philanthropy and deliciousness.


I knew I would never cure cancer or invent some revolutionary technology, but I still have an ambitious goal in life: to make people laugh. I was always the ‘class clown’, and in middle school I picked a username that reflected me best: LifeWithLaughs. I would make silly videos with my friends and cute sketches at recess, and as I grew older, I began to invest more time and effort into making LifeWithLaughs a reality. Sadly, year after year, I would just fail: YouTube, Vine, etc. I tried, but I was never able to truly connect with a community. After college, on the verge of quitting on this fantasy of sharing happiness to pursue a more traditional career, I came across a ‘newer’ platform, Twitch, that has literally changed my life. I found a place to interact and connect, to share and absorb, a place with a community filled with kids and adults, men and women, trolls and benefactors, and I’ve even found someone I call my ‘Guardian Angel’.

I’ve struggled for a long time to find my voice, and Twitch is my microphone. It wasn’t too long ago that I started streaming, but this incredible community has given me a glimmer into the future of fulfilling my childhood dreams of bringing LifeWithLaughs to everyone. When I was very young and childish, I daydreamed about building an organization that could bring joy to people, to remind people to live a happy life; thanks to the incredible and passionate Twitch community, I can begin making this dream a reality. Thank you.

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