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Gamer, Broadcaster, YouTuber

Where are you from?

All over the place; my dad was in the military so we moved a lot.

Where do you currently live?

On a boat on the James River in Richmond, VA.

Greatest accomplishment?

How far I’ve come with my stream and building my Twitch channel.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Borrowed my moms car when I was a kid, drove down the wrong way on a one-way street because it was shorter, then getting in an accident and denying that I did any of it. I just told her a couple of nights ago on stream only to find out that she knew all along. RIP!


I started life off with my own carpet cleaning business in Florida but it wasn’t going so well. It was an independent company which consisted of only me. I played video games at night all the time, every night. I played so much my mom would disconnect the internet and take my modem away. That’s when I met Cher, about 13 years ago playing Quake. She was really bad at the game but wanted to learn so I tried to teach her but trkFail! We had many friends who we played with all the time that came and went, but Cher and I stayed friends and she tried to help me with my carpet business. But that time I trkFailed. I really didn’t have a trade, and I didn’t know anything other than the carpet business and gaming so I really didn’t know what I could do to support myself. On top of that, my parents were on my back to find something. Cher owns several businesses in Virginia and offered me a job, flew me out there, put me on a boat next to hers, and I went to work. I really didn’t like it much because I really wanted to play video games all day. I told Cher I wanted to try doing that and she agreed to help me. This dream is not for everyone, it takes hard work, commitment, and good people to support you. I guess you can also say my greatest accomplishment is having all of that, and an amazing T2G community who keep me going. trkLata!

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