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We live in a digital generation and our eyes are challenged to perform at new levels every day. Artificial light now dominates our visual lifestyles causing unneeded stress that can prevent you from performing at your best.

Expanding on our original My_Digital Life crusade that illustrated the need for digital eyewear due to the lifestyles of founding GUNNAR Visionaries such as 50 Cent, Adam Sesler, DJ Skee, and Dyrus – GUNNAR launches The Movement: a mission spotlighting top influencers and why they choose to protect their eyes.

Wearing GUNNAR eyewear as part of a Visionary’s daily arsenal to do what they do is no longer just recommended, it has become a movement. A pure movement to improve their lives, their performance, and their health. Our message will focus on our key visionaries and why they chose to be a part of “The Movement”. Whether they game, stream, program, hack, compete, create, or work – GUNNAR helps them be them.

Join the many who choose to protect their eyes – Join the Movement