Valve Ups Major CS:GO Tournaments to $1 Million

Valve Ups Major CS:GO Tournaments to $1 Million

News of Valve upping all upcoming Counter Strike:Global Offensive Major Tournaments to a $1 million prize pool hit the internet this week receiving a lot of positive responses as well as media coverage. Previously, CS:GO Majors were limited to a $250,000 prize pool which, honestly, wasn’t all that bad. However, increasing the total fourfold is a major step up for eSports in general, and for professional CS:GO players. When you break down the earnings, it looks like this: Winner $500,000, Finalist $150,000, Semi-Finalist $70,000, Quarter Finalist $35,000, Group Stage $8,750.

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This first event to see the new prize pool will be the MLG Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Major Championship at Nationwide Arena on March 29 in Columbus, Ohio. Sixteen of the world’s most successful teams will be on hand to battle it out for a chunk of the winnings including Fnatic,, Formerly Team Solomid, and others along with GUNNAR sponsored Ninjas in Pyjamas and current defending champs, Team EnVyUs. We can’t wait to see the competition and want to wish our friends in NiP and EnVyUs all the best! For more information about the MLG CS:GO Major in Ohio, click here.

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