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Life’s not all about work, you need time to play.

GUNNAR is proud to introduce the Work-Play Lens transition glasses. A dual-purpose lifestyle lens, the new Work-Play is designed for indoor blue light protection from digital screens which then transitions to a sunglass for outdoor protection from UV light and the sun’s rays. In just 45 seconds, the Work-Play lens transitions from an indoor translucent amber tint with Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 83-percent and a Blue-Light Protection Factor (BLPF) of 65, to an outdoor sunglasses tint with a VLT of 26-percent and a BLPF of 90.

Launched in collaboration with leading apparel brand Publish®, the Work-Play is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle, improving the visual experience in both worlds. GUNNAR and Publish set out to design lens technology that allows wearers to easily transition from their work environment indoors to a playful environment outdoors. Both brands share a mission to transcend the realms of form and function, and to improve daily life. The new Work-Play Lens is a simplistic and stylish solution to eye protection.